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11CT-173- Transmutation of Divine Will

2011-08-14. Transmutation of Divine Will.

Location: Michigan, USA #173
Date: 14 Aug 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message in about the transmutation of Divine Will.  What do I mean by this?  Transmutation is the process of changing something from one state to another.  In this case, the process is changing Divine Will into human action to do or achieve something that will change the vibrational state of someone, or the circumstances of something, that will transform life by the infusion of love, thus changing it from a lower state of vibration to a higher state.  In this process of change, free will allows for the individual expression of that change, which provides a unique experience and higher awareness for the lesson learned and the wisdom gleaned from that experience.

The concept is quite simple my friends.  When we allow ourselves to become a channel of Divine love, love changes all things, and the outcome always transforms what ever it is applied to and leaves it in an improved state, or in a greater state of awareness for understanding and the solving of problems which arise out of the misapplication of natural law or the misunderstandings of living in the various stages of imperfection.

Most of the problems on your world, and with the individual, are the results of a lack of love and understanding.  You may take any problem or negative circumstance, and trace its root cause to a lack of love and understanding.  If we see all these things from its origin, we can begin to understand its development and how the lack of love—its misapplication and misunderstanding has evolved into the present day problem.  When we open ourselves to be a channel of Divine love, we gain insight into how, using wisdom, to infuse that problem with love and change its outcome or direct its path to a more favorable and more perfected state.  Love changes, love forgives, love heals, and love unites.  Divine Will, when transmuted by the action of human love, results in the alignment of Divine Will and human will.

How do you know when you are doing the Will of God?  Give love and observe the course of its transformation.  If its transformation leaves it in a more perfected state, then you know that transmutation of Divine Will has been accomplished in relation to the understanding and application of the love channeled through the initiate.  How do you perfect the process of transmutation?  Through meditative contemplation and prayer—where you receive divine instruction and listen for the answers to the problems of living in a state of imperfection.  The journey from imperfection to perfection is the supreme adventure, and the catalyst of change—the fuel to perfection, is the transmutation of Divine love into human action—the alignment of Divine Will and human will.

The more we allow ourselves to accept and feel Divine love, the more powerful we will become at the transmutation of that love to change lives and situations and leave them in a more perfected state.  Test this process today my friends, and see the change unfold before your eyes.

Peace and love, The Circle of Seven


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