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11CT-174- Time Alone with God

2011-08-21. Time Alone with God

Location: Michigan, USA #174
Date: 21 Aug 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about time—time for being alone.  There is a time for all things—a time for being with friends and family, and a time for being with God.  We speak often about the need to be alone with God and why it is so important that we have a time set aside to communicate with the Creator through the God within.  This time we spend in meditation with our God Fragment is for the soul as needful as is sleep for the physical body.  Without it, the body becomes dysfunctional, erratic, unresponsive—thought processes are out of order and at some point, the body must succumb to sleep for its very existence. So too does the soul need this time alone to communicate with the Creator, through the Thought Adjuster, to continue to grow at a healthy rate, process higher thought, receive guidance, review options, express desires, express gratitude, and receive Divine Love—the life force that sustains all life.

The difference between sleep for the body and meditation for the soul is: You must at some point sleep, for it is by design that this physiological need be met by the body.  However, time alone with God is optional and is a matter of choice.  So you see my friends, we choose to make that conscious decision whether or not to enter into a communicative state with our God Presence and receive the benefits that are available to us.  We all have this self-will to throttle our own soul growth, and time alone with God is the most effective way to accelerate our assimilation toward God-likeness.  Physical sleep does afford some benefit to the soul, for it allows the Thought Adjuster time to help spiritualize your mind and prepare you for opportunities for soul development, yet if you willfully reject the program for soul development by living a self-indulgent or self-absorbed life that quells the still small voice, you may by choice limit or cause soul atrophy to occur.

Time alone with God in quiet contemplation and meditation is the one most important thing that you can do for yourself that will bless you beyond comprehension, for its benefits extend well beyond this life and echo into the worlds to come.  It is vital my friends, especially in this time of change on Urantia and because of the unique circumstances and extraordinary conditions—handicaps that you operate under, to equalize these tidal forces that come against you day in and day out.

Time alone with God is the great equalizer that you can use to offset these soul quenching forces that continually bombard your mind.  Meditation is the sanctuary of the mind where you renew and hydrate the soul; where new seeds take root and begin to sprout; where Divine love radiates the seedlings and the soul-child grows and matures.  I admonish all you students on the path to seriously consider this vital practice of time alone with God.  The quality of your soul-expression will increase and spill over into all areas of your life where you can be an example to others—a way shower of divine reflection.

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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