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11CT-175- There Will Come a Time

2011-08-28. There Will Come a Time

Location: Michigan, USA #175
Date: 28 Aug 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we will speak about a time of unity.  This is a time when all people, races, religions, and nations will come together and feel that they are a part of the human family—brothers and sisters of this planet called Urantia.  No longer will differences in culture or religion be viewed as something foreign or something to assimilate or eradicate, but will be looked at as something to treasure and revere as a rich rainbow of diversity that adds value to the whole of humanity.

There will come a time when all peoples will revere the planet as the nursery and mother of their terrestrial home and will see to it that She is cared for, respected, and made beautiful for generations to come, for She is the soul generator of the Creator.

There will come a time when women in every nation will stand on equal ground with men and be viewed as the temple of the Creator’s Indwelling just as all are—men, women, and children, for it is the feminine energies that will transform and bring the planet into balance.

There will come a time when the raising of children will be the most important duty and never again will they be cast aside as inconveniences or distractions, but will be cherished as the future tenants of a world that is evolving and achieving greatness—where the values of truth, beauty, and goodness are instilled in their souls.

There will come a time when corporations will become responsible and use philanthropy as the cornerstone of their success to provide jobs and to help solve world problems, while respecting the earth and building a sustainable future.

There will come a time when governments will actually serve the many and care for the populace by making laws and policies that promote a realistic and sustainable future where all will have access to equality of opportunity—true life, liberty, and happiness.

There will come a time when wars will be no more and military forces are used for good—to rescue people from unforeseen natural disasters or protect the virtues of equality of opportunity where a life of dignity is available to all men, women, and children.

Presently, for the majority of the planet, this is not the case, but if you can dream it my friends, you can realize it by focusing your thoughts and directing your actions toward this attainable goal.  There are people on this world now who are making a difference and working toward this dream.  Seek them out, partner with them, and help grow these sustainable ideas.  Only through the unity of our ideals can we realize this very attainable life we all dream of.  What things can you do today to start moving in this direction?  Meditate on this and put your thoughts into action.

Peace, The Circle of Seven


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