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11CT-176- Color in the Mosaic of Life

2011-09-04. Color in the Mosaic of Life

Location: Michigan, USA #176
Date: 4 Sep 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

A list subscriber wrote in after the message, There Will Come a Time, asking about what the state of consciousness will be like on the planet with regard to gay men and women after the shift when the earth enters into the beginning stages of Light and Life.  Before I answer this, let us zoom out a bit and look at the state of consciousness for life in the worlds to come—morontial and spirit life.

The lifespan on your world (third dimension) on average is about 70 to 80 years.  This is a very, very brief time as compared to eternity—you are only passing through, so to say, and in this brief time period, and on this world is the only place you, as a personality, will have sexual reproductive capability which defines you as male and female.  Once on the mansion worlds and beyond, the reproductive organs will no longer be a part of your physiology.  From that point on, you will be wholly recognized by your personalities.  Whatever is truly inside will show forth on the outside.  If you are compassionate, kind, and full of love for others, your physical form will reflect that beauty.  If you are egocentric, cold, uncaring, dismissive, fearful, this will show up in the physical form as less beautiful and as it is said, all will be revealed.

The Universal Father cares for and deeply loves all of his children, and as such, He looks into the heart of each individual to see their true intentions and motives, their life experiences, and their spiritual progress.  God is little concerned about the sexual natures, practices, or orientations of his creatures or the social mores set in place by which those creatures govern themselves.  That is a part of evolution, and the discrimination of those who appear different from the fold will fade in time as each generation becomes more spiritual or more God-like in awareness.  Just as there are an infinite amount of points between opposites, so too are there an infinite amount of personality types between maleness and femaleness.  Even on the mansion worlds and beyond, you as a person, will retain this maleness or femaleness in personality nature.

Now to answer the question first posed: A world that has achieved Light and Life status will have a population that is more evolved spiritually; will understand the ascension plan and will be more in touch with their Indwelling Spirit.  People in this age will educate their children at an early age how to treat others—with kindness, compassion, respect, and not to judge others because they are different. These will be a people who are preparing for their next life who are concerned about progress of the individual and progress of the whole of humanity.  Yes, there will still be gay individuals in this era and they will no longer be an object of controversy or prosecution, just another color in the mosaic of life on a world that is celebrating the glory of the age of Light and Life—a unique personality, a unique aspect of the Creator’s intention—a part of the whole.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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