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11CT-177- The Day the World Changed

2011-09-11. The Day the World Changed

Location: Michigan, USA #177
Date: 11 Sep 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about the day the world changed.  On this day ten years ago the world changed.  Human consciousness was moved like no other time in your history by a shocking and deconstructive act that would forever scar the memory of a generation and would directly or indirectly affect every individual living on the planet from that time forward.  Whether you believe the official story or some variation of conspiracy, the real truth is that a very small number of people, out of 6.5 billion on the planet, used their will for deconstructive purposes to change the course of history and human consciousness on a planetary scale.  That my friends is an example of the power of human will to cause a sweeping change in consciousness across a planet.

If man can use his ingenuity for deconstructive purposes and create such sweeping and lasting change, is it also possible for a small number of individuals to use the forces of good through constructive purposes to change the consciousness of a generation?  I say it is possible.  We see examples of this during the aftermath of tragedies, both natural and man made like cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars and famine.  We see the best of the forces of good reach out to help, heal, or feed those who are suffering.  Sometimes it is the idea of just one person who puts his mind and human will to work that can affect millions.

For if you believe that you as an individual can do little to change the consciousness of the world—government policy, or social culture, you have chosen not to participate in creation, and your reality will then be shaped by the will of those who choose to believe they can create change whether it be constructive or deconstructive.  Many of you believe you have little influence and what you think does not matter.  I say that a raindrop is a small and seemingly insignificant collection of molecules, yet when joined enforce with other raindrops they can literally move mountains and sweep away continents.

You must start thinking like a raindrop my friends, and pool your resources for good, and when you do this, you shall succeed at making sweeping changes that can affect the  consciousness of a planet.  Think my friends, what is it that all people want out of life?  We all want the same things no matter where you are on the planet or in the universe—to make a difference as an individual; to have purpose; to love and be loved; to create something good or beautiful and feel the joy of success and accomplishment using your will to create change.

There are an infinite number of ways that you can shape your reality and change the consciousness of a planet.  Use your god-given co-creative powers of will and choice to make that change for good.  Spirit alone cannot force change upon you—you must will to make those changes.  Spirit will always be there to assist and encourage those constructive forces that move humanity forward.  Think about what you can do to change the world and make it a place you would want your children and grandchildren to live in.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven.


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