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11CT-178- Time is Now

2011-09-18. Time is Now

Location: Michigan, USA #178
Date: 18 Sep 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The time is now my friends—there is no past or future.  This is a very difficult concept for many to understand.  You have all heard about this before, this living in the now, or living in the moment.  What exactly do I mean by this?  Let me explain.  All that you are, all that you think and feel is happening now—not in the past, not in the future, but now.  Yes, we all have our memory of past now events, and we have our hopes and conjectures about the future now, but everything there is exists in the present moment.  You can have life and have it more abundantly right now if you can keep living consciously in this now present moment.

Many of you who are starting out on this path of spiritual awakening are dealing with many emotional and past traumatic events that have shaped who you are in this now moment.  These  personality shaping events, most often in early development, lead one into limitations of personality expression.  Your now moments are constantly being shaped by what happened in the past and you are constantly checking and comparing your present now moments with your past now moments and keeping your personality expressions in this template of how to think and feel based on the expectations of the ego-self. This emotional template even prepares your thinking for the future now events that are yet to occur by telling the ego-self what is expected of you—that you must think, act, and react according to this framework.  You are caught in a loop of now moments that are really just a succession of past trauma checking and future expectations that prevent you from living freely and consciously in the present now.

How do we live in the present?  Can we just forget our past and all our traumas?  The key to living in the now is to forgive and forget—a wonderful phrase you have all heard.  Forgiving yourself and others for past wrongs is one way of letting go of those past now moments that keep you in this checking the template mode of thinking.  Accepting these moments as teaching moments and accepting the limitations of awareness of those who have wronged you will help you to live in the present now by freeing up all that wasted mind energy that is constantly working and checking the template.

Use your newly found awareness to focus thought on achieving and manifesting your desires to perfect yourself, pursue truth, create beauty, and exude goodness by lighting up the world around you.  This is true happiness my friends, to live in the moment—free to live, love, and laugh without regret, without fear, without feelings of unworthiness. All reality is now and your experiences of the now.  You will never again have the unique opportunity to experience now moments on your native planet, so let us seize the moment and make these moments the most exciting, loving, joy-filled moments we can—it’s happening NOW!

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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