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11CT-179- Perfection

2011-09-25. Perfection

Location: Michigan, USA #179
Date: 25 Sep 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s lesson is about perfection and what it means to you as humans living on an evolutionary world.  Perfection is a goal my friends, and it is something to strive for and something to attain incrementally in small amounts as you progress from age to age and from one world to another in your ascension career.  It is the divine answer to the call of the Creator, Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.  All those who choose the paradise path to perfection and seek membership in the Corps of the Finality shall achieve it through the transformation of self (unique personality—identity) from a state of imperfection to a God-like state of perfection.

Certainly, as evolutionary animal origin creatures, you can not achieve perfection in it’s final state in just one lifetime on an evolutionary world.  You may only achieve a relative perfection in relationship to the limitations of mind capacity designed into all evolutionary will creatures on the worlds of time and space.  The mind adjutants are designed to bring the creature to a state of relative perfection that readies him or her for the next phase of ascension, the morontia life—the intermediary stage between the physical and the purely spirit form of life in the universes.

The immediate goal for all humans and morontians is to fuse with their Indwelling God fragments, the Thought Adjusters.  I include humans in this statement because it is possible to achieve fusion on an evolutionary world, as is the case on the more advanced civilizations having achieved Light and Life where physical death is no longer the mode of translation from flesh to morontia life.  Your TA and guardian seraphim chart your progress by what is called, The Seven Psychic Circles of human potentiality, starting with the seventh and working toward the first.  More on this can be found in your text.

In those very rare instances, some humans can and do achieve fusion with their TAs, and avert death by direct translation via a flash of incredible heat and light.  Most however, will fuse with their TA sometime on their sojourn on the training worlds—the mansion world system of your local universe.

Relative perfection can be attained by living a life of love and service—overcoming the animal nature by the development of the mind and the development of the soul.  The soul-mind may be developed to the point where the TA can more easily interface directly with you and accelerate the spiritization of it and thus can greatly help bring you through the progressive stages of your circles.  Self-mastery (control over the emotional self) and meditation (communication with Source), are tools for subsequent circle attainment when they are combined with loving service for one’s fellows.  When the student feels a genuine unity with his fellows—a sense of oneness, that they are all a part of the whole, this may be understood as a circle marker, that they are near, at, or have surpassed the third circle and have received a personal destiny guardian that classifies them as having advanced standing, for which they may proceed directly to the mansion worlds upon dissolution of the physical body, to continue their perfection education on the training worlds of human ascension.  This is the first step, my friends, of many that lead to God-like perfection, for which every step forward is more astonishing than the last.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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