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11CT-156- The Key to Eternity

2011-04-24. The Key to Eternity

Location: Michigan, USA #156
Date: 17 Apr 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is of the greatest importance, for it is one that all of us teachers would like you, our students, to know and understand. Everyone that reads this message is our student, for we know and are aware of all of you who read and drink in the sweetness of its meanings and the deep heartfelt trueness you find in the words that resonates and reverberates in your soul.  In reading certain messages, each of you have this inner knowing that rings your truth bells, which opens up a new space inside of you that brings you into alignment with something much larger than yourself.  You may at times feel a great love that pours over you like a vessel of warm water filling up every cell in your body, and for a moment, brings you into unity with something that is leading you on a path to yet greater discovery and understanding.  This my friends is the presence of the Indwelling Spirit, the Higher Self, the God Fragment within, the Thought Adjuster.

The Thought Adjuster is the common denominator that all people share alike, no matter who, or what, or where they are in their life journey, this God fragment lives within them, in the mind, and carefully and with great patience attempts to  spiritualize the mind, stimulates soul growth, and coordinates the truths and lessons you need to know to attain eternal survival.  Becoming conscious of this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator is the key to eternity and the catalyst to accelerated soul growth through the recognition and application of wisdom and worship harvested from the life experiences you have now in this life and in the worlds to come.

This divine fragment of the Creator is not something that exists far from you, outside of you, and separate from you—no, for this supreme guide is a part of you and for all intents and purposes, IS you.  It is the goal of all ascending sons and daughters to fuse with their God Fragment and become a new creature and creation in the universe which will propel you through the super universes, the central universe, and into the actual presence of the Universal Father on paradise where you will have become perfect as you were called and stand as a reflection of the power and glory that creates all things and beings.

The Creators Will can be thought of as a perfectly straight line.  Your spiritual frequency can be thought of as a wave having amplitude that crosses above and below this perfectly straight line as it vibrates. At each crossing is an accelerated moment in your life where you are in synchrony with this perfect will of God.  As you pass through this line, your frequency becomes higher and the breadth of your amplitude become shorter causing you to pass through more often and in less duration as you live and experience life in the creation.  As your frequency becomes ever higher, so too do you become ever more perfect until you reach a near perfectly straight line and in synchrony with the life force and Will of the Creator.  Your God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster is the pilot that moves this wave of spiritual frequency to pass through the Will at ever closer intervals.

It is vital that all of you students become conscious of this guiding light and acknowledge the presence of the Creator within you.  For it is this treasure and gift to you that is so preciously protected by your guardian angels and is the key to the meaning of life itself.  I admonish each of you to introduce yourself to your Indwelling Spirit and surrender all to the greatest love you will ever know.

Peace to you all, The Circle of Seven.


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