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11CT-157- The Maturation of Soul

2011-04-24. The Maturation of Soul

Location: Michigan, USA #157
Date: 24 Apr 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about the natural progression of spiritual growth within the human lifetime and how you may recognize this forward moving path in yourself and in those in your life circles.  This maturation of soul is an expected and recognized part of human development on all normal world’s that are approaching the age of Light and Life where wars are no more; the planet’s population has conquered disease; has become mostly blended in race; and unified in the religion of the One true God, the Universal Father.  On such worlds, people are educated from birth to know the path of ascension and to view life from a much larger perspective where love and cooperation become the foundations of human society—where all children are taught about the Indwelling Spirit that lives within and how to sit in the silence and receive guidance for their life’s journey from the highest source of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

On your world these institutions of universal truth do not yet exist, yet they are starting to form in the human heart and mind at this time and are beginning to show themselves in the form of books, teachings, and organizations around the world.  Right now there is no unity in consciousness, yet all are moving toward the concept of the Law of One and this is key to building solidarity and the sharing of ideas that lead to world peace.  We see now how all these efforts are coming together and will later be organize, developed, and solidified by the coming of the Avonal Son from paradise when the fruit is ripe to be picked and the Earth has shed her old skin.

When you see in yourself that you are shedding the old thinking and programming of society and materialism, you begin to reach out to others that are on this same path of discovery of the true self, and you begin to gel in layers at different levels of spiritual strata.  These layers become a part of sublevels that begin to overlap in ideology and purpose and soon all the sublevels will network and connect to move political policy and reform that will eventually lead to global stability and the recognition that when all people are loved and cared for, all will benefit.  When you desire to be a part of this movement of solutions and progress for a better world, you inspire those around you in your circles who in turn inspire others.  Like ripples on a pond, all these creative solutions will reach critical mass and like a chain reaction they will sweep the planet to change and unify the collective consciousness of all humanity.

It is time for you to mature my friends and heal from the emotional wounds of a dysfunctional childhood and a purely material existence to see the bigger picture of where you are going and where humanity is going.  I admonish you to become a part of this network of progress and let go of the need for material pacifiers as a source of happiness, for these things will not make you happy.  True joy comes by the sharing of love and this can only be done when we recognize in ourselves the need to mature, grow spiritually, and collectively find the solutions to the problems of life.

Good day, The Circle of Seven.


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