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11CT-158- The Choice of Progress

2011-05-01. The Choice of Progress

Location: Michigan, USA #158
Date: 1 May 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we will speak about what happens in the mind when we are faced with knowing the truth versus believing in the illusions that keep us from growing and moving into higher circles.  We may choose to stay in the warmth of the cozy cocoon which we have built up over time and only peek through the window of opportunity that continues to knock on our door, or we may step out bravely and open the door of opportunity to see where it leads and how far it may take us from the safety and security of the nest.

Humans are inherently curious and adventurous by design, yet social programming, modern living, or fear can sometimes interfere with the innate curious nature to see what is around the corner or over the next mountain.   When opportunities for real growth show up and point the way to these excursions and new horizons, we many times become faced with a real decision—one that may have no escape route or road back to that cozy place we came from.  So what do we do when faced with these decisions, which may include divisions of loyalty or painful separations?

The human heart knows the answer—it always has and always will.  We need to look deep inside and choose that which is right and good for the continued forward movement of the soul that leads to higher levels of spiritual attainment.  We must question the path before us whether it will take us to this higher circle or will lead us into stagnation.  Sometimes the perceived new path may not be what is best.  Sometimes the new path may not yet be visible and requires patience and perseverance to see clearly when to move.  How do we know that which is right?

Go into the stillness and sit at the feet of your Indwelling Spirit.  Speak to your Heavenly Father, ask your guides for assistance in pointing the way to these important life changing paths, then look for the signpost that point in the direction of progress.  If your decision is based on fear, it most likely is the wrong one.  You must rid yourself of fear when making any decision so you can clearly weigh the options.  Your guides cannot make important decisions for you nor should you cast lots or seek superstitious advice.  Follow your heart my friends and choose the path that leads to the highest good for you and for those in your life circles.  Like in child birth, there is pain before the joy of holding new life, and we may never find a path that is completely free of pain.  You students on the path must use all the tools available to you.  Use the wisdom that speaks from experience.  Choose the path of love.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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