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11CT-159- Inspiration

2011-05-08. Inspiration

Location: Michigan, USA #159
Date: 8 May 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about receiving information in the form of inspiration and how to recognize and act on that information for the highest good for you and for those in your life circles and beyond.  Many of you students on the path receive information and knowledge from many spiritual sources throughout your day and when you sleep.  This information may come from the Indwelling Spirit, from the guardian seraphim, from Midwayers, from other guide personalities, or from various teachers and artisans from the mansion worlds who work together in a network to help you to discover Truth, Beauty, and Goodness so that it may be applied to the further development of the individual or to enhance the human condition by the development of an idea that will move the minds of many to improve or enhance life, which leads to the enlightenment of society.

Inspiration comes in many forms and each individual will receive it in unique ways that may be born from various talents and interest such as healing, writing, painting, music, film, organizing abilities, management, arbitration, administrative prowess, business, and other creative thought forms that materialize into your reality from inspirations that pass through your mind as you live, work, mature your personalities, and grow your souls.

These inspirations only come in moments of clarity and this is what should be recognized as the soil of inspiration—the clarity of thought free from the chatter and distractions of worldly surface noise.  Many of you who have never meditated or have not found success in stilling the mind in fact find these moments of clarity through the very art forms and interest you pursue.  Those of you who work at something creative find that you reach a place you would call in the zone where no outside interference can penetrate the concentration of what you are doing or creating—this becomes the soil of inspiration.  You reach into a circuit of communication with others in this higher network of supporting guides and teachers that help you to organize and seed your mind to accomplish that which you desire to do.

This network of help may not be something that you are conscious of, but if you become aware that this network exist, you can call on these guides and teachers that they may be even more effective for you in that you have consciously invited them to collaborate with you to solve a problem or inspire an idea—a powerful team indeed!  I encourage all of you to be conscious of this creative network and begin to call on these resources often.  For as we are all one, it is in the highest interest of the many to bring each part of the whole to light by imparting the love and knowledge as needed to maximize the intention and Will of the Creator that you may find God and be like Him in perfection.

Good day, The Circle of Seven.


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