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11CT-129- The Magnetic Effect of Surrender -Part 1

2010-08-22. The Magnetic Effect of Surrender  -Part 1

Location: Michigan, USA #129
Date: 22 Aug 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about the magnetic effect of surrender.  When it is your intent to serve the ego with premeditative action, you may find that when the time arrives to execute those plans, your intent changes, the heart takes over, and you succumb to the higher will of the indwelling spirit.  Self-serving intent is surrendered and changed into a benevolent act of brotherly service.  This is the Thought Adjuster at work in the Human mind.

When you realize that this has happened, and you willingly give in to the will of spirit, joy fills the soul and something wonderful takes place in the unseen—you become a magnet for those who are searching for truth, or for those who are lost in darkness.  There becomes an exchange of spiritual energies and information that is only registered at the soul level of consciousness, the super-conscious.  It may even be that no words are spoken, yet is there a positive effect on those who are drawn to you.

You can stand in a crowd of strangers and send out thoughts and vibrations of brotherly love, peace, and joy—intentions of goodwill and healing, then will you find that the same strangers you looked down on as undesirables, outcasts, or those that are suffering silently in darkness, seem to gather around you.  Perhaps you have never noticed this, but this magnetic effect of surrender becomes a channel for the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit to work its mercy ministry on these children of lesser light.  You need not approach, do, or say anything to these lost and searching souls, only do you need to continue to feed them the light which is radiating from you for them to have benefit.  If there is opportunity to communicate verbally, then do so according to the guidance of your TA, guides or guardians.

Like moths to a flame, even a small candle in a large dark room is enough light to safely illuminate the path and the avoidance of obstacles.  One enlightened individual in a crowd can raise the spiritual IQ of hundreds or even thousands when the magnetic effect of surrender is used willfully to serve humanity.  The Master, when he walked this earth, loved men and women so much that all were drawn to him with this same magnetic attraction.  The lost sheep of this world were drawn to Him because the light of his being was so bright, warm, and loving.  He saw through their imperfections and looked at the potentiality of future perfection as sons and daughters of the Most High.

See all men and women through the eyes of the Master and love them as He loves us.  Use the magnetic effect of surrender to radiate that love into the world and change the world around you.  Use this force of good where ever you go, my beloved friends, and be that candle in the darkness.

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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