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11CT-130- The Magnetic Effect of Surrender -Part 2

2010-08-29. The Magnetic Effect of Surrender -Part 2

Location: Michigan, USA #130
Date: 29 Aug 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about spiritual magnetism and how the enlightened soul can feed light to those in darkness just by being near them.  Today I will continue on this subject and describe in more detail the mechanics of how this works and how you can beaconize the light of the Creator and send it out into the world around you to feed the hungry souls that are looking for this light, but who are lost in the illusion of materialism—seeking source through unhealthy vices, egocentric love, and material gratifications.  These lost children crave this pure light and they recognize it with the eyes of the soul.

To be effective at the transmutation and dissemination of source light, the light worker must have a clear understanding of his or her intention.  This intention must be for the highest good and must be the highest concept of selfless and benevolent love for humanity.  The light worker must ask through prayer, in submission to the will of the Creator, to become a pillar of light and include his or her guides and guardians to participate in magnifying this pure source energy.  Once the intention is set and the communion between God and man is made, the light worker will establish this temporary light anchor by creating a light mekaba.

Source light from paradise will enter through the crown chakra and will exit and become grounded through the base chakra into the earth.  You will then set up a plane of orbit about your midsection and rotate this energy around you.  You can imagine a disc of light forming a belt around you with a brighter sweeping leading arm similar to a refreshing radar screen.  As you spin this light merkaba around you, you will begin to feel the inertia of the light disc.  At first it will feel small, only a few feet in diameter, but as you concentrate on the rotation, you will feel it spread out to 20, 30, 50, or even a thousand feet in diameter as you fill your soul with feelings of love for your brothers and sisters.

Maintain your concentration on both the intention of your purpose and the rotation and size of the light disc.  If you drift and loose your concentration, you will feel the disc collapse, but you can easily re-establish the merkaba disc by refocusing—spinning the light disc and increasing its diameter.  Maintain this state of healing for as long as you are moved to do so, and enjoy the silent feedback you get from those who are being served.

Once you have finished, leave with a grateful heart knowing you have allowed yourself to be a channel for the Creator’s love.  Realize that though you may not see a difference in faces or attitude of those who were your target,  they have benefited from this infusion of light at the soul level of their being.  This exposure to source light will allow them, in the future, to recognize this light more easily in other more spiritually mature individuals that they are more closely associated with, and thus will take even greater interest in those relationships.

Peace, The Circle of Seven


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