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11CT-132- Religious Tolerance

2010-09-12. Religious Tolerance

Location: Michigan, USA #132
Date: 12 Sep 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about religious tolerance.  This is a very controversial issue on your world, especially in the shadow of 911 and the events that shook the world on that day.  There are many pieces of the puzzle missing from what most believe is the truth and there are many factions, powers, and agendas at work in the world for which their roles with remain hidden from history.  I will not weigh in on this controversy, for it is up to you, the citizens of Urantia, to work out in your own hearts and minds how the future unfolds.  However, I do hope that I can illuminate higher ideals in your mind—ideals that are above the emotions and crystallized thinking of us vs. them.

Need I remind you that mixing politics and religion is a very volatile and dangerous combination for which men and governments will use to spin and control the masses?  We see the disastrous results of this all throughout history—we study it; we analyze it; we acknowledge it, yet we never recognize it when it is happening in the now, and we fall for it by giving way to our baser emotions of fear, hatred, religious patriotism, and national superiority—for these are the projected and planned outcomes of those powers of lesser light.

In all of the monotheistic religions on this planet you will find believers who are spirit led and who know in their hearts what is right and what is wrong.  For the spirit only speaks of love, unity, mercy, peace, constructive cooperation, the very things that bind the universe together, and for those individuals who are spirit led, the dogmas of their religion take a back seat to this higher calling.  Therefore will you always find people who are willing to reach out in tolerance and understanding—to find common ground, and who realize that we all share in our humanity and in the values that touch each one of us at a soul level.

These spirit led souls will be the ones that will lead the world into the age of Light and Life.  When one steps forward, then will others step up in solidarity and move this world forward and reject the perverse manipulations of groups and governments to control and divide men and nations.  The world is tired of lies and wars—all people want to live in peace and be free as is the divine intent for humanity.  For these are the growing pains of planetary evolution my friends, and we must mature and grow out of the infancy of divide and conquer thinking and learn to understand the hearts of all men and women on this planet.

Good day, The Circle of Seven


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