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11CT-133- The Mathematics of Transformation

2010-09-19. The Mathematics of Transformation

Location: Michigan, USA #133
Date: 19 Sep 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s lesson is about transformation of being.  All things and beings must change over time, and you can think of it as a simple equation: C/T.  The rate (R) of change is controlled by you—free will (W) is the governor of rate.  All persons who are indwelt by the fragments of the Creator (TA=Thought Adjusters) will come to light (S=survive) by the process of fusion (U) with the TA or will cease to exists (NS=non-survival).

The coefficient of Father Likeness (FL) is your ability to be a reflection of His love (L) and your ability to show mercy (M) toward other persons.  As we answer the call of the Creator to become perfect as He is perfect (P=perfection), we ascend inward by sharing our experiences (E) with the Supreme and gaining wisdom  (I=wisdom) along the journey toward Paradise (A=paradise), where we will stand in finality and receive the embrace of the Creator.  From there you will go on in eternal service of unrevealed destiny to bring to completion the works of the Supreme, then the Ultimate, then the Absolute.

You see my beloved, in the mathematics of transformation there are many variables and many paths to choose as we ascend.  Using our God given co-creative powers we can assemble the elements of the equation in differing configurations thus producing a myriad of outcomes making each life unique in the universe, and this is the intention of the Creator—to bring His lowliest of will beings from the cradle of existence to the supernal heights of glory and grandeur—God likeness in every way.  Do you not realize how special you are?  How precious you are?  How loved you are?  Let us take a moment and ponder the immensity of what it means to be a child of the Creator of all.

We often forget and don’t comprehend the nature of who we are and what we may become.  Too often we get lost back stage in the theater looking for props when we should be on stage in our shining moment of triumph as the lead role and actor in the play of eternity.  You are the stars of this play and you are about to take your bows and move on to the next stage and your next role—you are transforming and becoming everything the Creator has called you to be.  Let us go boldly into the light and beam forth the reflection of God’s love.  Blessed are you, child of the Most High, for what adventure awaits you in the worlds to come.  I applaud you, ENCORE,ENCORE!

Peace, The Circle of Seven


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