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11CT-134- The Question

2010-09-26. The Question

Location: Michigan, USA #134
Date: 26 Sep 2010
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we will talk about the question.  The answer is God consciousness.  If we know the answer, how is it then that we have such a difficult time with the question?

There are many questions that have this answer just as there are many paths that lead to it.

Each one of you, who are on the path, have formulated this question in your own mind and in your own way.  Perhaps you have a list of these questions that have this same answer, or perhaps you are at a loss for words to string together, yet you feel the question in your heart.

Today my friends, we would like to ask you to write down the question or questions, and send it back to the Circle of Seven.  To achieve God-likeness, we seek for truth, beauty, and goodness.  Let your hearts wander down these blessed paths and put together the most sincere and intimate questions you have that have the answer, God consciousness.  Use all of your creative powers and reach down into the depths of your soul my beloved friends.  Please indulge me on this.

Peace, The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s note:  Please send your written question(s) to Chris 1111 – email: [email protected].  In the subject line, use the words The Question.  This is an unusual request by the Circle for which the outcome is unknown at this time. However, the Master often used questions to teach the most profound truths, and I suspect that by searching your own souls to ask this question of yourself, you may in fact discover something new about yourself, the soul, and the journey.

I will compile a list of these questions and post them on the Correcting Time blog.  I am always in awe of the methods by which the spirit draws us out.

Chris 1111


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