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11CT-142- Imagine the Possibilities

2011-01-02. Imagine the Possibilities

Location: Michigan, USA #142
Date: 2 Jan 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The beginning of a new year is a time for renewal, a time for fresh starts, and hope for better times ahead.  Many of you will make resolutions to live closer to your ideal self—to have mastery over unhealthy indulgences, to be more prosperous, to give something of  yourself, or to live a more spiritual life.   These are wise and noble ideas my friends, and I encourage all to make those healthy and needful changes that will bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into your life.  When you state these affirmations, attach to these a purpose for making the change and turn it into a goal to attain, for many will make these resolutions, yet few will wander down the cerebral path of actually attaining these goals and imagining what the future would look like should those goals be realized.

Imagination is the beginning process for the co-creation of reality and it is a God-like attribute that all children of the Creator share.  Imagination is the creative prerogative of all self-willed creatures—a vehicle for bringing desires into reality.  On the worlds of time and space where immature and imperfect will must be attenuated by the time governor, God provides a way to make free will desires safe, good, and attainable.  Those desires, the results of creative imagination,  that are nearest to God’s perfect Will shall be made manifest first, while those that are less perfect and have less definition, will remain as potentials until they can be more clearly defined through experience and the cultivation of wisdom. Therefore when you imagine a healthy desire, you must look ahead toward the goal and break the path to attainment down into clearly definable steps according to light and wisdom.

Not all your steps will have definition at this point in time, for those things will become clearer as they are needed.  Faith becomes the glue that binds all steps together, both defined and undefined, while the Universal Father guides us into the paths of perfection.  Trust that the Creator knows what is best for you and He will be faithful to you by leading you to a place where you can see the interferences that make the steps to goal attainment indefinable, and thereby can you see clearly and make right choices which  leads to a more perfected alignment of the Creator’s Will with your will.

Faith, patience, and persistence is the fuel that propels dreams and desires into reality.  Imagine it, see it, and reach for it in faith while you marvel at the providence of divine love at work along the way.  When the path becomes unclear, go into the silence of the soul and sit at the feet of the Indwelling Spirit, for this is where the pieces are shaped and fit for assembly in the chain of steps that lead to eternity.

Peace, joy, love, and success be yours in this new year ahead my friends.

The Circle of Seven


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