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11CT-143- Evaluating Progress

2011-01-09. Evaluating Progress

Location: Michigan, USA #143
Date: 9 Jan 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The subject for today’s lesson is about evaluating your own spiritual progress and counting the cost for the achievement of greater spiritual awareness.  Once the children of time become conscious about their sonship and their hunger for father-likeness, they will begin to change and desire to live a life of greater service to others.  The Spirit of Truth begins to work in the mind and augments the Adjuster’s leadings in such a way as to point their human subject more directly, and with greater consciousness, about the moral choices they should make to rid themselves of digressive behavioral traits and ego-centric needs.

It is important for you students on the path to perfection, to stop and sit in the silence—listen to the instructions of your Indwelling Spirit and begin to take inventory of those personality traits and behavioral patterns that prevent or retard the continuation of positive growth and mastery over the self.  Begin to identify those weaknesses by reviewing the troublesome past and current events that continue to follow you in life.  These are life lessons that keep coming up or rear their ugly head so to speak, that are designed to point you in the right direction and gets you out of a rut that prevents further spiritual growth.

Once you become aware of the blockage, you must do something.  It is not enough to identify these weaknesses, for many have said, I know I am like this, but this is the way I am and cannot change.  This self-rationalization is defeating and slothful and it will prevent the needed action to rise above and go beyond the comfort of standing still.  Only through your willingness to change, followed by real action on your part, will you begin to overcome and move forward.  When you come to the mansion worlds, you will have less distracting needs to occupy your time and more energy is directed towards personality perfection and spiritual development.  Moreover, it is important to know that great achievement in spiritual progression is possible while on the worlds of time and space.  It is the adversity and the distractions of earthly life that once overcome, can propel you to great heights later in your soul journey on the mansion worlds and beyond.

Those who choose the easy way or stay in their comfort zones on earth will find it much more difficult to move forward and ascend the spheres of the mansion worlds.  For you gain nothing in spiritual standing by passing from this life into the next.  Those slothful behaviors will follow you there as well and will remain a stumbling block until you come to the realization that they no longer serve you, but hold you back.  Often times, by seeing your fellows, who are like you in sympathy, move on to the next life station leaving you behind can bring about this self-evaluation and the beginning of real action for change.

By developing your evaluation and change-action skills in earth life will better prepare you and serve you well in the next, for you will have strengthened the self-will for the attainment of higher values in truth, beauty, and goodness—God-likeness.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven.


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