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11CT-183- Open to the Possibilities

2011-10-30. Open to the Possibilities

Location: Michigan, USA #183
Date: 30 Oct 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is an important one.  You may have heard about what it takes to build a dam, or how difficult it is to obtain all the land needed to build a new road, for land owners must agree to sell their property to the developer so that progress can move forward.  So it is today my friends, that many still cling to the old ways and ideas about what is to take place on your world according to olden prophecies, when in reality, the way the event unfolds may not look anything like what is fantasized in the mind or penned in by the scribe.  Looking back on the event in time will certainly show a fulfillment of many of those utterances, yet in the moment of the unfolding, those that have crystallized their beliefs will stumble the same way those in Jesus’ day did and who eventually had him put to death thinking they were doing God’s Will.

Many incredible events are about to unfold on your world that will shake the foundations and beliefs of many, for there will be much confusion in the minds of those who live on the surface and much to stumble over for those who believe it can only happen one way.  It is therefore wise for you, my friends, to be open to all possibilities and to fill your minds with light.  The sentinels will know without doubt as their Adjusters open a direct channel to the conscious mind and reveal the truth and purpose of the event.  For those in the Mortal Corps of Destiny, instructions will be given and they will perform as trained to do by their guardians.

Many of you who don’t see yourselves as leaders will in fact be the ones who will reassure the multitudes around you that you have clear knowledge of the event and they will trust you and look to you for guidance, for as those in positions of power will be nowhere to be found.  You have a great responsibility, you students on the path, to lead and guide and teach as the days ahead become difficult, astonishing, and beyond belief. We, your teachers, guides, and guardians admonish you with urgency, to go into the stillness and receive the love, light, and guidance for the times just ahead and this must be done regularly and with conviction.  The time for procrastinating is over.  Those that will be prepared will do so and are already finding their centers.

Many of you are already planning group meditations for the day of elevens and this is wonderful and we hope that many new relationships both human and divine will be fostered that will serve as a connection of support for the work ahead.  We in the higher realms look upon you in this time and on this planet in envy for the progressive experiences you are about to partake of.  Trust in the Father of all and His Spirit will guide you into all truth, love, and sanctuary.

Hands on heart, peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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