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11CT-184- Children of the New World

2011-11-06. Children of the New World

Location: Michigan, USA #184
Date: 6 Nov 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today’s message is about the caring for children and the need for teaching them the greater truths of life—to be more than just a child of the earth, but also a child of the universe.  They are to be taught that they are not only your children, but the children of the Creator God of all things and beings.  They are to be taught that they are indwelt with the Spirit of this Creator God and that all other children and grown ups alike are also indwelt with this same spirit that lives within their mind who helps them to grow wise and teaches them how to love, for love is the way of the ascending soul.  No longer will you teach separation or the doctrines of man’s sinful fallen estate, but rather will you teach them that they are ascending from imperfection to perfection.  More important than ABCs and 123s, you will teach them how to treat others and to be kind loving persons, for this is the beginning of all knowledge, truth, and goodness.

It is time for you, my friends, to put away the old ways and mature to this new way of thinking and raising children, for new ways of learning and teaching must be adopted to move your world into the new age of Light and Life.  It is the children now, that are most precious and will be the way-showers of a new world where the Law of One reins supreme in the mind above all creeds and doctrines.  You students on the path, use what you have learned and teach it to your children, for they will understand far more than you realize and will take that knowledge to a higher level and utilize its meanings and values at a younger age and transform their young lives to realize even greater spiritual fruits and awareness than the generation of their parents.

As you witness the sweeping changes around the world in the consciousness of humanity, realize that these changes are also occurring in the children as well.  They are hungry for the things of spirit and are looking for guidance.  They are not too young to know about the love of God and the connectedness of all things and beings.  Seed their young minds with the universal truths and watch how beautiful their lives will become as they take that seed and become a channel of God’s creative life force.  For all things will change and come to light, and so too will the children of Urantia change and become enlightened and take their place as ascendant citizens of God’s grand universe.

It is not too late to start communicating with them no matter what age, even your teens, yet the earlier you can reach them, the better.  There is a great need for new children’s literature that can aid them in understanding universal truth and if you are so gifted in the craft of writing and illustrating child books and media, I admonish you to take up this work. There is no greater mission in life as parents of awakened status, than to teach and lead your children to know the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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