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11CT-185- Spiritual Gifts and Service

2011-11-13. Spiritual Gifts and Service

Location: Michigan, USA #185
Date: 13 Nov 2011
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about spiritual gifts and service to the many, for these two things are interrelated.  Spiritual gifts always follow the will to serve and are only given as a tool to aid in the process of serving the many.  The greater the desire to serve, the greater the assistance from spirit you may receive.  This of course is conditioned by ability and the propensities of the individual for the kind of spiritual gifts they receive.  Some will heal, some will confer, and some will teach; yet all will find there is a direct relationship in the level of spiritual ability to the willingness to serve.

As the Master said, “those who have shall be given more, while those who have not, even that which they have shall be taken away. “  This is a universal law, for the more fruitful you become in your service to the many the greater shall be your power to serve.  Those that serve the self, even though they may seem to possess power and wealth, are barren in spiritual power and will never find a real sense of joy and accomplishment.  Only those that lift their fellows up and help them to progress find this satisfaction and peace of mind while they continue to grow and learn new ways to serve the many.

It is time for you students on the path to take the initiative to begin your service to the many and stop “waiting” for your spiritual power before you begin.  Service must preclude spiritual gifts.  You must “do” that which has been placed in your heart and then you shall find the opportunities for your work and the synchronicity that will point the way to navigate the waters of the odyssey of your adventures and experiences.

The workers are few and the harvest is great my friends, and there are many, many resources available to you from spirit if only you would ask and move into the place of service having faith that you will be guided and given the tools to succeed.  Fear not, for if only you could behold the legions of spirit beings working behind the scenes to orchestrate the circumstances of your success, you would have all confidence and assurance in your abilities to co-create.

Today is a new day, and new opportunities await you.  Step up and into the place of service and you will truly marvel at the opportunities and spiritual gifts that await those with a faithful heart, for we are always at your side ready to assist you.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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