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11CT-193- The Divine Relationship

2012-01-22. The Divine Relationship

Location: Michigan, USA #193
Date: 22 Jan 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like to discuss the relationship between the Divine Spirit and the soul.  The Divine Spirit, known by many names: The Higher Self, the Indwelling Spirit, the Over-soul, the Ka, God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster, and many others, seeks expression in the lives of its indwelling hosts (humans) and it is through this channel that the soul of an individual is born.  What is the soul?  The soul is that culmination of values and experiences that  have to do with the identity of the individual that survives the life in the flesh and goes on to higher levels of perfection attainment through the process of ascension.  Only those values and experiences that were born from the Indwelling Spirit and which found a channel of expression in the individual through the discovery of truth, beauty, and goodness, survives and becomes the true essence, identity, and personality of the ascending soul, the real you.

Throughout your life, and mostly unaware by you,  the Indwelling Spirit prepares your mind for these survival value experiences and begins the process of harvesting those experiences in preparation for the next phase of your ascension.  There is a very delicate balance between what the Indwelling Spirit can inspire the individual to accomplish and what the will of the individual will allow.  If the student is willing to embrace the values of truth, beauty, and goodness, the Indwelling Spirit has a wider channel in which to work.

It is a long and sometimes difficult process for divinity to communicate with the electro-chemical animal nature of humans who are just starting out on the journey from imperfection to perfection.  Divinity has to compete with all the distractions of planetary life and find a way to spiritize the mind in preparation for  your next life on the mansion worlds, the training worlds of human ascension.  Through this process of spiritualizing the mind, the Indwelling Spirit plants seeds along the journey that hopefully will sprout and grow into an awareness of Divinity at work in the life of that individual.  Once this connection is made, the channel for divine expression opens up and the soul really progresses and flourishes and begins to seek perfection.

Once the perfection desire begins, the soul (the individualized part) seeks union with the Whole.  It is the upon the realization of this desire for God-likeness that the individual is born again of the Spirit.  The partnership of God and man has been consummated and the eternal adventure begins.  My friends, this new awareness of the presence of God in your life is monumental and you really have little understanding of what it means to have life eternally and to become god-like through unending and astonishing experiences as you travel inward and onward to the Corp of Finality on paradise!  How blessed you are indeed to be aware of the divine relationship.  Sit with this message now in stillness and contemplate what it means to you.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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