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11CT-218- The Prayer of Life and Ascension

2012-07-22. The Prayer of Life and Ascension

Location: Michigan, USA #218
Date: 22 Jul 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Father, it is my heart’s desire, my duty, my reason for being, to bring light, to show mercy, to open up my being to your unconditional love, so that I may be a shining beacon of that love to others, that they would see in me the way home.

Remind me daily, hourly, minute by minute, of your presence within me that I may grow and change and become more like you in all my ways.  Speak to me of the unity of all beings that I would have patience, tolerance, and compassion for those who walk in lessor light and confusion, and reveal to me the opportunities to reach out and show the way to salvation—to know you and to know that all men and women are the children of the Most High God.

Help me to prioritize my time on this world and to let go of the things that distract me from growing in love and wisdom.  Help me to recognize in myself the qualities and traits that are of the ego, which are self-serving, that I may correct and have mastery over.  Place a watch over my tongue that I would pause and think before I react to those who would tempt me.

Admonish me to make time to sit in the silence and to connect with you in love and worship—divine communication—the Parent with the child.  Teach me the things that will help me to grow and serve, and place in my path the opportunities to learn from others that I may in turn teach through wisdom, the ways of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Like a pebble in a pond, let my presence here in this life, my dealings with others, and my contribution to society, be as a ripple that multiplies in love and righteousness.  Let the energy that is my life leave a legacy for future generations to follow and build upon.

Send to me your ministers of light to guide and protect me and to help me to prepare for transition into my next life station.  Transform me from a citizen of this world, to a citizen of the universe by showing me the viewpoint of eternity and the ascension plan.

Reveal to me the purpose of my life that I may not squander the precious time I have been given to walk upon the earth.  Help me to focus on the important things and let go of the trifles that have no value in the divine plan.

Walk with me all the days of my life here, and hereafter, for I shall forever be your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your heart, and your mind, wherever I sojourn in the creation.  I am your partner in eternity and I look forward to that hour when I stand before you in finality on paradise.

Bless me Father, that I may bless you with the experiences of my life.  I love you.

AMEN. The Circle of Seven


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