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11CT-219- Healing Effect of Laughter

2012-07-29. Healing Effect of Laughter

Location: Michigan, USA #219
Date: 29 Jul 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about laughter and its healing effect on the human body.  It has been said that laughter is good for the heart and good for the soul, and that is a very good and true statement.  Laughter releases endorphins in the brain that communicate with the cells of the body that are vibrating at a less than normal rate and acts as a synchronizer to bring those cells in harmony with the rest of the body.  This is similar to two tuning forks of the same frequency where one is struck in close proximity to the other, and the other begins to vibrate in sympathy with the other.

This effect that laughter has on the cells also works on the mind and the attitude of the individual.  It raises the vibration of the persona and makes it “lighter.”  This is something that is quite measurable. For instance, when someone who is sad, dark, or serious walks into the room with others, they will feel this lower vibration, and this darkened personality will cause the others to lower their vibration unless there is a very strong and bright personality in the room which can overcome those lower vibrations.

You must not take yourselves so seriously my friends, for it is important for your mind, body, and soul to be “light.” It serves you and others around you good to be in this higher vibratory mode of living.  Do you not enjoy a party?  What happens when you are in the company of good friends who are loving life?  They laugh and joke and bring up your “spirits.”  What is happening is that they are raising your vibration in sympathy with theirs.  So, what kind of friends do you have?  If they are constantly bringing you down, perhaps it is time to find new ones eh?

How do you perceive the Creator Father?  Do you think He is this solemn and stern judge who barks out commands and is constantly finding fault in His erring children?  Why no, for He is perfect and of the highest vibration, and there is no darkness in Him.  He is the “bestower” of humor in the personality and he delights when you are happy and full of joy and laughter because it brings you into a state that is more “like Him.”  So, I have just said, to laugh is to be God-like!

If you are feeling “under the weather” today, my friends, you need to laugh.  Go and see a funny movie or call a good friend.  Get those slow cells moving and you will heal much faster than mulling around with a dark continence.  Even if you are uncomfortable, “grin and bear it.”  It is better to laugh and hurt than to cry and hurt.  I recommend laughter therapy for all of you today.

Live, love, laugh, The Circle of Seven

Receivers note:  I wasn’t sure what “endorphins” were and after I received the message, I looked it up on Wikipedia and this was the definition: Endorphins (endogenous morphine) are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters.  They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, love and orgasm, and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce analgesia and a feeling of well-being.


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