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11CT-220- Experience a “Lollapalooza”

2012-08-05. Experience a “Lollapalooza”

Location: Michigan, USA
Date: 5 Aug 2012
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about experiencing a “Lollapalooza,” defined as an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. What do I mean by this?  I’m asking you to break free from the mundane, for your purpose in life is essentially to have experiences and to have them in a very intense way, as you should, living on the worlds of time and space.

Your life in the flesh viewed from an eternal standpoint can be compared to the intense learning period that an infant child experiences in the first year of life.  You are being acclimated for life in eternity—to ascend the heavens and to broaden your horizons in unimaginable ways.  Therefore, why would you spend the precious time you have in this very intense environment day after day experiencing the mundane, the predictable, the “same old—same old” things that you know too well.  Like the infant who needs stimulation to learn and grow properly, you also need stimulation of varying experiences to properly acclimate yourself to your eternal adventure in the grand universe.

Do something different, meet someone new, explore some new destination and create those intense extraordinary experiences that will better prepare you for eternity.  Would you keep an infant child in his or her crib all day without toys or interaction with others?  No, you would not because as a parent, you know that is not healthy for a child and that the child must learn how to be human.  And so it is with your Heavenly Father, He also wants you to grow and be healthy—be prepared for eternity.  Therefore go find those unique experiences that make your life rich.

You have heard the term, “step outside the box?” This is what you are to do to maximize your short but intense training on the worlds of time and space—step outside the mundane and have life more abundantly!  Your guides and guardians are waiting to assist you in having these extraordinary experiences, for they know that this is the way to accelerate your progress.

It is through these new experiences that you often re-evaluate your purpose, or you reflect on these experiences in a new light and glean new insights and new values.  I cannot express how important it is to explore your world—the people, places, and things in it that can help you to be more than you are.  Seek and you will find! Ask and it shall be revealed to you.  Knock and the door will be open to you.  All you desire to be can be realized in this life if only you have the faith to believe, for the universes were created to respond to your desires!

Put this admonition to the test today, my friends, and see where it will lead you.  You will not be disappointed.

Peace to you, The Circle of Seven


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