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11CT-261- The Kingdom of Heaven, What is it?

2013-06-16. The Kingdom of Heaven, What is it?

Location: Michigan, USA #261
Date: 16 Jun 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Today we would like to speak about the Kingdom of Heaven, what it is and what it is not.  There are many interpretations and meanings attached to these words and many, down through the ages, have become confused about its definition.  Is it a place, a state of mind, a qualification for salvation, what exactly does it mean?  As taught by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago, the meaning is quite simple, yet men have made it a stumbling block and attached religious ideas and conditions for its attainment.  Like all of Jesus’ teachings, the Kingdom of Heaven is universal, all inclusive, understandable, and attainable by anyone.

Its origin dates back to the times of Jesus and was the calling card of John the Baptist: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, repent and be baptized—flee from the wrath to come.”  Because John was so successful and became so popular in Palestine and Judea, that many believed and accepted baptism as a vehicle for salvation, and the “Kingdom of Heaven,” for many, became a place for repentance, acceptance, forgiveness, and a refuge for the poor and those left outside the religious institutions of that day.  Jesus, coming after John, redefined it in accordance with his teachings that God was not a wrathful, jealous god, looking to punish sinners, but an all-wise loving Father who would accept all men, women, and children simply through faith in this loving Father and the desire to do His will in the world—a very simple, universal, all inclusive message.

Jesus would often interchange “The Kingdom of Heaven” with “The Family of God” or, “Those who do the Will of God.”  The statement by Jesus, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you,” indicates that the Father’s Spirit indwells the human mind, and faith and belief in the Creator Father is a condition of acceptance that you are the child of this loving Father who therefore belongs to the family of God and is offered the gift of eternal life.  This sincere acceptance by the child (those who believe), fulfills the criteria for “those who are born of the Spirit.”

These words spoken by Jesus during his ministry on earth, was true salvation to all those who heard and believed, and this is still true today.  You don’t have to belong to any cult, religion, or institution to inherit eternal life—Jesus’ words make this very clear.  The stumbling block came later after men divided themselves up into groups of “truth contenders” placing stipulations and creeds as a condition for acceptance, creating confusion in the minds of those who are searching for that which already lives within them.

My friends, eternal life is available to all, for you were created to experience it!  Never let anyone make you feel unworthy of this gift you were created to receive—IT IS YOURS!  Start living life knowing that no real harm can befall you, even if you were to pass from this world, for you shall be safe in your Father’s house and live forever in the astonishment of the ascendant career—to become perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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