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11CT-262- Tap Into Your Inherent Potential

2013-06-23. Tap Into Your Inherent Potential

Location: Michigan, USA #262
Date: 23 Jun 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about being open minded and willing to learn and consider that which is new, for without this innate childlike curiosity, the mind remains locked in the past—stuck on old ideas, and has no room to grow.   Jesus said that to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, you must become like a child and be reborn of the spirit.  This statement by the master is asking us to have that childlike curiosity and openness, for even those who have entered into the kingdom must continue to grow (here and hereafter) and move along the ascended path to perfection.

You students on the path who consider yourselves “awakened” must realize that you have much to learn and just because you discovered some truth that has helped you to break out of your material slumber doesn’t mean that you can only know that truth and nothing else.  Awakening is the beginning just like waking up in the morning, you have your whole day ahead of you, and likewise “awakening” means you have your whole ascension before you—to become perfect and godlike.

There are many strange and fantastic things out in the universe to discover, my friends, things you cannot even begin to fathom or wrap your minds around at this present stage of your development, but you need to prepare your minds to learn and understand all these things if you are to grow and ascend.  The one small piece of truth you know now may not serve you throughout eternity, for it may only be a bridge or scaffolding to greater truths.  Being open, curious, and having a willingness to learn will serve you well and is the beginning of wisdom—to live those experiences that embrace truth, beauty, and goodness.

Those faithful souls who adhere strictly to the tenants of their religious practices and shun all outside influences and teachings believe they know everything necessary to bring them into the presence of the Father.  This “faithfulness” as they see it, may indeed bridge them over into the mansion worlds, but will eventually become a stumbling block as they have become rigid in their thinking and will be slow to grow into the new paradigms of ascended life in the universe.

Prepare your minds now, my friends, for the grand adventure ahead and always remain a learner.  The circuit of the Spirit of Truth is here for you to use—ask for the Christ consciousness to guide you and help you discern new truths and you will always feel confident that you are being guided in the right direction toward growth and progress.

The Father has so much of Himself to reveal to you, for He is infinite, and you being a child of this infinite God, has the inherent potential to be like Him.  Think about that for a moment.  Do you really believe that what you know now will be enough to realize the untapped potential you possess?  You, being the experiential child of this infinite God, have been given the opportunity to experience the grandness and vastness of the universe.  Can you grow having the same experiences over and over—never peering over the walls of static truths?  God’s Spirit continually points the way forward.  Will you follow the Spirit, or will you stay safe and warm in your cozy slumber clutching the sliver of truth you found along the way?  Consider the possibilities.

Peace to You,

The Circle of Seven


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