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11CT-263- Listen with the Ears of the Heart

2013-06-30. Listen with the Ears of the Heart

Location: Michigan, USA #263
Date: 30 Jun 2013
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about being open to receive higher thought and greater truth, for there are literally billions of people on your world who have closed off their minds to the leading of the Father’s Presence because they have affirmed to themselves some static truth that prevents them from listening to the heart.  It is the ears of the heart that must be opened through love and compassion together with a willingness to examine the self and question the validity of their own thinking that can bring about the changes necessary to move this world out of its darkened estate.

Many have taken the spiritual baby food fed to them as children or young adults and have never progressed and hungered for the mature solid food of the Spirit.  They have grown little and seek not for the higher thought within, but instead, they allow others to continue feeding them the crystallized thought of static and dead truth, for if these unquestioned “laws” could be challenged by authentic curiosity—to ask the question, “is there more to know about God and life than what I have been conditioned to believe,” then the heart may be prepared to receive from the Father’s Word?

Truth, my friends, is a living experience.  Books can only inspire you to discover the living truth of the here and now.  Spirit is alive and surrounds you and is always pointing the way forward.  If you come to a place where you have willingly shut out all incoming sources of truth in favor of the static truths that exists between the bindings of a book, then God waits for you to return to that state of child-like wonder where He can begin again to lead you to the living truths of a spirit filled life.

Do you believe that God only spoke through the prophets of old—that only these faithful men of past ages were qualified to hear the word of God whispered in their ears?  God speaks to all who will listen with the ears of the heart—even you, my friends.  You don’t have to be a seer or prophet to hear the melody of God’s song, you only need to be open and be courageous enough to allow yourself to question your own beliefs and ask in faith to be led to higher circles.  This sincere curiosity for greater understanding is what your Indwelling Spirit has been waiting on.  God continually provides the opportunity for you to grow, but is subservient to your will and you must allow yourself to be open to hear the song of the heart.

If you are feeling that there is something missing from your life, you have an opportunity at hand to do something about it.  Open up your mind and be curious about what the universe can bring to you to fill the void.  Even if you don’t know what to ask for, declare your willingness and readiness for the next experience that will help you to grow.  Be on the lookout for those opportunities that will present themselves to you and courageously step through the door and into the living truth that life has to offer.  Don’t be afraid that God will be angry at you for breaking the law of your programmed creeds.  The Father lives within you, not in a building or between the pages of a book.  Free yourself and open up to the living experiences that God has for you.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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