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11CT-287- The “L” Factor

2013-12-29. The “L” Factor

Location: Michigan, USA #287
Date: 29 Dec 2013
Teacher: Monjoronson
Receiver: Chris Maurus

Dear One, it is I, Monjoronson. I am bending your ear this day to speak about something that is very fundamental to each and every person on this planet and something that should be considered each and every day, and not only in its most familiar form, but considered in ways you have not explored. It is the benchmark for which all standards are derived and should be considered as the underlying basis for all decisions. We (Spirit) call it the “L” Factor. The human concept for this “L” Factor is represented by the word “LOVE.”

It has been said that “God is Love,” but do you really understand what that means? Even to an atheist who does not recognize the equation “God = Love” still has an idea about the concept of love and therefore it is his or her highest understanding for the quality of life itself. Because you are human and your spirit is encased in a material body, you have varying degrees of understanding about what Love is. Your electro-chemical responsive brains are only interpreting this all-pervading essence that binds all things together in the universe. Your unique personalities attach different meanings and ideas about what it is and you each express that idea differently. The varying interpretations and the expressions of Love make up the diversity of all sentient life in the universes—it is the very gravity for which God attracts all souls and collects all diverse experiences in the grand universe.

Because Love, in its purest form, is perfect and absolute, you, as ascending mortals, can only understand it and express it in a relative and imperfect form, yet as you expand your consciousness, the “L” Factor becomes something that can be expressed and applied to all the circumstances of life and relationships and can illuminate and make all experiences more meaningful and valuable. This, at any level, is what I am asking every person on the planet to consider and apply to their daily lives. Consider first, your highest concept of love, and then expand it through imagination, your inherent god-like ability, and see it as something that could be a real part of your life. World peace is just one example of these expansions of imagination that will one day become a reality on this world because it was first imagined in the hearts of its people.

What is it that brings a heart-felt tear to your eyes or something that pulls at your heartstrings? Was it a beautiful song; the kind and caring thought of a friend who helped you through a trial in life; the sincere embrace of your child; a beautiful sunset; flowers on your birthday? Whatever it is that stirs heartfelt emotion in you should be something you feel and explore every day of your life. Take the time right now and think about some of the things that “move” you until you become “glassy-eyed.” These are the things of value dear one—this is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is it not? Let these heart-felt thoughts fill your mind more and more and become a part of your expanding consciousness, for these are the very thoughts that expand consciousness!

A better world starts with the thoughts of each individual. Do have “better thoughts.”

Good day to all,

I Am Monjoronson


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