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11CT-289- The Necessity for Real Love

2014-01-26. The Necessity for Real Love

Location: Michigan, USA #289
Date: 26 Jan 2014
Teacher: Teacher Ophelius
Receiver: Chris Maurus

The message for today is about necessity, for there are certain fundamental needs that all sentient creatures need to feel complete and whole. The most important and vital need is to feel loved. This is the first thing a new born child experiences from its parents, other than the basic needs to sustain the physical body, and so this most divine expression, to love, is the spiritual food that feeds the newborn mind and provides the base substance for the formation of the embryonic soul. Love is the energetic ingredient that makes a personality whole, for without it, there becomes and imbalance in mind and in conditioning that affects a person’s ability to love him or herself and others. This ultimately affects the early progress of the soul because the “unloved” do not recognize the opportunities for soul growth that a nurtured soul would so naturally embrace.

Those children whose parents were deficient in providing this most basic of spiritual needs may find it difficult to express love as a growing adolescent and then adult. Love, my friends, IS a spiritual reality and because your cultures and societal memes separate spiritual realities from material realities, and give emphasis to the “seen” while dismissing the “unseen,” there are myriad interpretations of what love actually is. A child may be “loved” by its parents, but only to the degree that the parents understand what love is. Some adults believe that by providing only material needs to a child is to “love,” and so the child perceives the security of its parents by having its physical needs met, yet is missing the deeper spiritual significance of true nurturing.

Love is the language in which the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, communicates with the developing soul of the individual, and therefore any deficiency or blockages in the understanding of love interferes and restricts the soul building process. This deficiency then makes it easier for the individual to dismiss the leadings of the Thought Adjuster and it is these individuals who then go through life with a skewed perception of reality—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness therefore become shallow and meaningless values. When whole cultures trend toward this nonspiritual meaning of love, they soon disintegrate because the basic fabric of reality fades and soon the plagues of materialism, delinquency, and crime, undermine and degrade the pillars of society that uphold the virtues of human self-worth.

This, my friends, is what we are witnessing today in the world. Real Love is needed to heal ourselves, our families, and our societies, and this is why Spirit is investing and supporting you—those who know the real value of love and those who can make a difference in your circles and in the world around you. All is not lost, for those individuals who are deficient in understanding the spiritual significance of love are most certainly looking for it, only they are seeking it in all the wrong places. You students on the path are the way-showers of what it means to love and so Spirit relies on you to shine the light of love into a darkened world. Wherever you choose to shine the light of love, Spirit will be there with you to magnify its power. Therefore go boldly into the world and give love where it is so vitally needed.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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