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11CT-580- Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 4

2021-09-19. Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 4

Teacher: From the Desk of Chris Maurus $580

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.”  This message takes a deeper look at the first facet:
“1. Designate a sacred space for Conscious Contact.”

Our first reference for Conscious Contact (CC) comes from Jesus. He often admonished his Apostles to “…go into your room, close the door, and have a talk with your Heavenly Father.” We often associate this with prayer, but it was much more than this. Let’s break this down:

“…your room” is a personal space—it belongs to you and you alone. It is a comfortable space and a familiar space. It is a place where you have personal belongings and a place that is your refuge from the doings of the outer world.

“…close the door” means to make it private—a place where you can be undisturbed.

“…have a talk with your Heavenly Father” means to have intimate and personal open dialog with the Indwelling Presence of the Father—your Thought Adjuster (TA). Jesus did not say, “Go into your room and meditate on the Father”, or “Go into your room and have thoughts about the Father”—he specifically said, “have a talk.” It could be that Jesus gave his Apostles more detailed instructions on this, but we do not have this information in the record.

This is not to say that meditation (stillness) or internal dialog with the Father has little value, for it is supplemental and has great benefit for expanding the mind and keeping our “center.” It could be better described as “Constant Contact” with the Father. This idea about having a constant internal dialog or connection with the Creator Father (“praying without ceasing”) may be one of those more detailed instructions Jesus conveyed to his Apostles as a way to retain more light in consciousness, which for us is something that is vitally important for communion with the Father/TA and our celestial siblings.

We also know that Jesus’ Apostles were simple folks, mostly, and had a mind full of “DOs and DON’Ts—a litany of rituals and religious rules about nearly every thought and action of daily life. They were not disciplined meditators and Jesus knew how they could have effective communion with their TAs without having to sit in stillness for long periods. This is also the case for most people. Only those that have dedicated themselves to meditation and stillness can experience a more unified consciousness when reaching the point of stillness.

I have sat in stillness many times, but only on rare occasions have I ever reached the absolute stillness point where all thought and sound disappears, and your mind enters an expansive place where you feel no limits—your human body seems absent from your consciousness, and when that happens it is so startling that it often jolts me out of that place within a few seconds.

Conscious Contact, on the other hand, provides a communication link between you and the TA that often results in energetic feedback from the TA when you lay bare your soul and remove the temporal dressings that you normally wear around other people. In essence, you are making known to your TA that CC is a sacred conduit between you and Father. You are on holy ground in this place—it is your personal sacred space—no matter where it is—it is yours and the Father’s.

Because this space is sacred and it is where you have CC, I like to remove all electronic devices, glasses, and shoes. I am reminded that Moses, when he approached the Burning Bush on Mt. Sinai, was admonished by the “Voice of God” to take his shoes off, for he was “standing on holy ground.” It wasn’t that this particular place was holy, but because he was communicating with the Father (I AM that I AM) the ground (or space) around him was holy and full of light.

We know from our talks with Vutia, that she often talks about “bringing more light into consciousness” as a way to “see revelation.” What she is suggesting is to “condition” our minds for communion with the Father. How can we condition our minds to bring in more light?

Intention, a deep emotional sense of unity and reverence—gratitude. Since this message is about your sacred space, you would want to fill it with something that brings an emotional response or remembrance of your divine encounter—and this is where your creativity comes in. Is it necessary to embellish this space? No, it is not, for your mind can create this sense of heightened emotional reverence and humility, but if it aids you to bring in things that are beautiful; that inspire you; and it amplifies this enlightened feeling, then by all means experiment and make it your own!

Your sacred space is your holy consciousness amplifier—it is your personal cathedral!

Please stay with me on this sacred journey.

Peace to you, Chris Maurus

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