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WDC478- Perfectly Acceptable Being Human

2004-11-08.  Perfectly Acceptable Being Human

Woods Cross #478

Topic: Perfectly Acceptable Being Human

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, I appreciate all your sentiments. I admire your willingness to be honest with one another, as well as yourselves. Every day you each wear many hats. It is difficult to display a positive countenance when life seems negative. It is difficult to interact with individuals who expect you to be upbeat when you are not.


My friends, I say again it is perfectly acceptable to be human. You will display emotions. You will have concerns. Your mind many times will be preoccupied. This is not putting you in a deeper human hole, no. These experiences are equations to be studied and solved. Again, your perception of life’s circumstances is everything. The mortal goal is to have self-mastery, to be self-governing, to know God and be like Him. The smaller we are the bigger He is, which brings us advancement.

Perhaps a few years back you had a vision of where you should be at this point in time. You had expectations. We all have expectations. Being committed to the Correcting Time can surely scramble your expectations. As a Kingdom believer you are presented certain circumstances, certain challenges by the unseen helpers. Each experience is a hurdle that advances you to the next level. You cannot advance through false pretense. You cannot advance by sheer will. You can however fool the mind and heart into the belief that you have made the effort and earned advancement. In time though you will grow weary and realize the growth is not rested on a stable foundation.

Mortals are impatient. I know this firsthand. To backtrack is frustrating, for you feel as if you have traveled that road and have that experience under your belt. If you find yourself experiencing some lesson over and over again, then indeed you need to stop and really be observant, really take in the experience as your own, own it, feel it, draw from it what your mind can comprehend. You see the hard truths and that can bring pain. To escape the pain is to have forgone the lesson. This is not sinful, no; it is simply the mortal way.

Look at the apostles; they were first filled with the excitement of a new and better way, they could actually taste the glory of the coming kingdom and how many times were their hopes dashed? How many times did they receive rebuke from their Master? Would they spend all of eternity in a tortuous existence? No. Experience was had, wisdom was gained. Jesus and Father fully understood the shortcomings of the mortal mind.

I am reminded of the story where the apostles had attempted to take on the Masters power by driving an evil spirit from the soul of a child. While the Master was away a parent had sought His assistance to free their child from a mischievous entity. In the apostles mind they sought greatness. They hoped for the outcome of the glory of having freed this child from an evil presence.

Had they had compassion for the child, the parent, had they sought the Father’s will? To their dismay this was a failure. Said Jesus to His apostles, “had you real and abiding faith, surely you could have driven the spirit from the child.” Their intentions were skewed. The story has a happy ending with the child being set free and the parent quite relieved. Said Jesus, “these things and more can you do when your intentions are Godly and without seeking self-glory.”

This world can be so harshly judgmental that it would drive one to become someone they feel is acceptable. The budding soul of God is set at the back of the mind and the false persona has come to the front. As the Kingdom believer grows, falsehood becomes quite distasteful, actually unbearable and unacceptable. This is good. This is growth. Have not worry. This life is a long labor, but it certainly meets with a wonderful outcome of awareness and wisdom.


This week continue on with studying perception and how to change emotions that run rampant, compared with calm decisions that are spirit driven. Have not worry. Ponder that person, that is you, who meets with society every day. Is personal falsehood an aspect of your personality or does it weigh heavy on your spirit conscience? Also this week think about your top three priorities in life and those things you must do to see them through. That is all. Know that all is as it should be. Have a spirit filled week. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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