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WDC479- Time for Change Is Now

2004-11-15.  Time for Change Is Now

Woods cross #479

Topic: Time for Change is Now

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, each week that we can meet always brings me closer to new ideas. I appreciate your different personality aspects. Your willingness to be a link in the cosmic mind provides experience and growth for all, especially the God in time, our Supreme Being.


As you move through this Correcting Time, it is becoming more apparent that the time for change is now. As we witness much of the world’s chaos, we can safely assume that many welcome not change, but stay grounded in old fashioned foundations of faith. Change will be mostly personal, but definitely does it affect the world and beyond.

Let us ponder the chaos in our own lives. Is there resistance to change? Is there fear of the new? I, myself, was indeed one who feared uncontrollable circumstances. I needed to know that I was not to be surprised or caught off guard, which in my mind was perceived as weakness. We can each see that change is slow, but definitely real change is lasting. Those things that are embracing truth, beauty and goodness are lasting. Many times must we make great effort, but surely is it worth it.

Some years back you committed yourselves to living out to the best of your ability the will of God. Certainly you have excelled in some areas and in some fallen short. Nevertheless when you committed to a life in the spirit, you committed to change on many levels. I realize the need for order in a world that seems to be chaotic. Order seems safe, familiar and seems to be self-empowering. The time for growth is now. No longer can we take a wait and see attitude. Personal change and growth is critical to the well-being of the whole.

Review your everyday life circumstances. Is the daily chaos due to a resistance to change, to embracing new thought, to the courage to living life that embraces truth? Is disorder paralyzing to you? Are you with the flexibility to withstand the discomfort in life in order to be taught, to advance? Is your measure of peace a sign of your ability to accept life for what it is and not simply just endure it, but to be strengthened by it, changed?


This week think over your definition of change. Is it something fearful and seemingly out of reach or is it a challenge for you to walk a closer walk with the Father? After these years of living and experiencing, do we not all know that life continually evolves? What are steps we can take to become an example of peace and not a product of chaos? That is all. Know that I am with ever growing affection for you each. My loves goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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