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NET-PMG #34, The “when” question, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision

2022-06-27, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #34, Machiventa

Planetary Manager’s Group #34

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


The “when” question

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision

Broader ramifications of U.S. Court decision on Planetary Management

Current polarization’s relationship to lifting of planetary quarantine in the 80s

Equality, seven values, and the new consciousness  

TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


The “when” question

Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is once again a pleasure to be here. I feel quite refreshed as I have been away for the last two weeks of your time on R&R—rest and recuperation. It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken such a time apart and it is timely to do so as we begin a new development of a new program which you will see outwardly in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

I want to begin today by getting one of our problem areas out of the way and that is having to do with the “when” question. Many of you have asked “when” questions. “When” will this occur? “When” will that occur? “When,” do we, “when” do you, and so on. But it really comes down to “when.” Now as this is a Planetary Managers group, it is a teaching and learning environment for want-to-be Planetary Managers. Each of you mortals who are part of this team are a part of the learning program of becoming a Planetary Manager. And this works as well for all the readers and those who in the future listen to these literary sessions which are converted to voice sessions. It is a learning process. Now, it’s easy to ask “when” much as children do in the car when you’re traveling in a car trip across the country or across a state. “Daddy, when are we going to get there?” “Daddy, when are we going to stop at the rest stop? I need to pee.” “Daddy, when are we going to have lunch? I’m hungry.” And so on and so forth. So, the “when” question is something that is innate. It is inherent in being a mortal living day by day in the schedule of time—meaning one development follows another. But as Planetary Managers, you are on the other side of that conversation, on the other side of that question. So, you, as a Planetary Manager, must analyze the specifics, circumstances, and development of events that lead to the fulfillment of the “when” question. So, in many ways, you as a mortal will be projecting in your thinking what will be required to answer the “when” question for yourself and for others.

First of all, you want to examine the whole parameters of the question, and that involves (because it’s a “when” question) time. Time is, by definition, the development of events, one that follows another, and so on. And sometimes there are parallel series of events, and some that are of a different nature and differential. But nonetheless, they all lead to an outcome that would answer the “when” question. So, when you think of a “when” question that you want to ask me, I want you to pause first, take a breath, and think about what you’re really asking.

So, let’s examine the Days of Light and Life. I’m going to roleplay here of you asking the question: “Machiventa, when will the Days of Light and Life arrive?” Of course, one of the parameters of this answering a question is the circumstances of the whole planet. Now the planet has a material environment with geology and tectonics, meteorological phenomena, and so on, and so forth that will stay the same throughout your lifetimes and for the next many centuries. And so that is not part of the equation. The “when” question therefore deals with people—people as individuals, people as groups of peoples, associations of governments, nations, societies, cultures, ethnic groups, and so on. So, some groups will arrive at the capability of making decisions for the Days of Light and Life perhaps centuries before other groups. But as a planetary manager, you will want to nurture those, and you will need to provide the circumstances for the improvement of your civilization across all nations, across all cultures, etc., so that everyone arrives at the Days of Light and Life together.

Now, you know, and we know from The Urantia Book’s teachings, that the Days of Light and Life do not occur until a world, a planet, a civilization is well settled—very well settled. There are groups which may be a bit slower, but all of civilization has arisen, has evolved socially, culturally, and spiritually to the levels where decision making by individuals, groups, and organizations are pretty much at the same level where they are capable, where the results of those decisions can sustain your social existence (meaning the organizational existence of your world) pretty much at the same time.

Now, when you grasp that, you should choke on your own words because the depth of your question is beyond your understanding. You can understand much of the answers that I’ve given you now simply because you have read The Urantia Book. You have in your mind a scale of time development in centuries, and you understand this perhaps for yourself, your family, your community, and neighborhood. But when you ask a question of such grandiose nature and dimension, it requires much more thoughtfulness to take into consideration all the facets of civilization and the organizational context of your question.

As you know, another facet is that we have been teaching you about values. We’ve been teaching you about decision making, priorities of decision making, and so on, and how some groups and some cultures are ahead of others, and some are behind—some, because of the nature of their culture are highly retarded, in the maturity of their civilization, of their social existence. Those that are deeply committed to materialism, objectivism, and empiricism will find that their progress towards the Days of Light and Life is held back by their own belief systems—what they believe to be true. They hold the opinion that they know what is true for all time, and therefore they are convinced that they are correct and right and apply the same standards, same empiricism to their decisions, and by bias and prejudice apply that equally to everyone. So, when you consider a question [like] “When will this world as a global civilization arrive at the Days of Light and Life?”, yes, you might want to choke on your words and write a thesis of several 100 pages concerning that development which is what it would take to answer your question. That is just one simple facet of the “when” question for today. Thank you. If you have questions, please make them known now. Thank you.

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision

JT: I have a written question here first that says: I am a therapist and I have many women and mothers on my caseload (38). With a loss of women’s constitutional rights in America, women will die. Children who are molested will be forced to carry a baby when they may be as young as 10 or 11 years old, which will traumatize them the rest of their lives. They will be humiliated, shamed, and blamed for the incest. How do I support these women? How can I support myself in this time of insanity in our country? I don’t know what to say. Nothing will make it better. Woman will be tortured by this inhumane ruling of the Supreme Court.

MM: This is Machiventa. Thank you very much for your very earnest and sincere question. Yours is a question that is most difficult to answer for a nation whose democratic processes are bigoted by interest groups. You and your client’s situation is most critical. Clients are in a position where they are suffering from the immaturity and unevolved nature and, I might add, irrational, illogical, and immoral opinions of a Supreme Court that is biased. There is no satisfaction to your situation other than taking every precaution necessary to prevent pregnancy ahead of time so that when the moments of passion come to your clients, they are not overwhelmed and succumb to the sexual desire, and their forethoughtful precautions are washed away. When you are not in such passion, it is necessary on a day-to-day basis to take those precautions. As for young girls, who are of reproductive age and capability, there is much that must be done within those social circumstances to limit the capacity of predatory fathers to cause such a difficult and immoral situation.

The special interests that are involved are also striving to preclude any access by any individual to pharmaceuticals, prescriptive medications, and devices to prevent reproduction during intercourse. That too, is immoral. The rights of personal self-determination are being violated.

Let me turn the page on this a bit. This is a situation that works against the moral and ethical rights of self-determination by individuals to control the circumstances and functioning of their bodies. The position that is taken in this court decision is very tyrannical, and a very detrimental, negative, and hostile position. It is a decision not of God, but of tyrannical men and women who are self-righteous and want to project that self-righteousness onto everyone else. This is an interference beyond religion. It is an interference that must be overcome and must be worked through by logic and reason. It is a situation for you at least where you will suffer along with your clients. And that is what you will do. Besides being able to write prescriptions for their use and need to limit their reproduction. We wish, hope, and support all efforts to prevent pregnancy as an act of forethought on the part of women—an act of forethought that sees what is ahead and wants to prevent it. The “morning after pill” is also a good alternative. It is highly useful because its use is not immoral as This One and Avahlah have explained in their paper that is entitled Abortion, the Perfect Moral Storm.

This is a disquieting situation for us, for me to contemplate, as I recall so vividly my memories of women that I saw during my incarnate experience who had more children than they wanted. Here again, infanticide is the ultimate immoral act which now today can be prevented morally during the first 10 weeks after conception. I wish I had better news for you. As it is now, you suffer along with millions of women who are in the same situation across your nation, and in nations that do not have medications or appliances to use to prevent pregnancy. As you can see, your world is still very, very primitive. Thank you.

Broader ramifications of U.S. Court decision on Planetary Management

MM: While we are waiting [for more questions], I will continue my opening statement as an adjunct to it. We of [the] Planetary Management of Urantia and all the billions of spiritual beings who are a part of this world’s management, its conduct, its development, and evolution, are many times limited by activities and circumstances of mortal origin. This constitutional rescission of the Roe vs. Wade statute has caused a panic of awareness in your nation and other nations as well. It goes deep to the core of the psyche of Western civilization. As such, any programs that we might develop and make known to the public must wait for this groundswell of public opinion, sentiment, and emotions to pass and to settle. It is important for us at this time to say that when the time comes, and circumstances allow as a part of the “when” question of “when” we come out with this program to the public, we wait. We wait for right circumstances. And this is in many ways the same thing, the same situation for couples who are anticipating their first child. Many wait for the right circumstances—meaning income, home, education, profession, professional development, and so on. So it is with us; we too must wait for the appropriate circumstances. I know this may pique your interest and you have questions regarding it. I asked you not to ask them at this time. Thank you.

Rick: Hello Machiventa. It’s good to be with you today.

MM: It is good to have you with us, my son.

Current polarization’s relationship to lifting of planetary quarantine in the 80s

Rick: Thank you. In my 71 years I noticed, in general, a polarization. First in the United States in the 80s on both sides—of political polarization and social polarization—both on the hard right and the hard left as they became more extreme. And now it has grown. I also see it throughout the world—in Russia and in China and its militarization and aggression. And the thought has come to my mind which brings me to my question about the opening of our quarantine in the mid 80s. Is there a correlation or relationship between the extremes we’re experiencing now with the reconnecting of our circuits, and of us no longer being in quarantine? Thank you.

MM: Thank you for your question. And the answer is yes. Just as there was a separation between darkness and light concerning the planets in quarantine, which became settled over time by the adjudication of those miscreants involved, now that your planet is out of quarantine, the differences are able to bring your world, your civilization to the point where differences can be aired, and must be resolved. We’re not saying that resolution of these differences between the extremes must be immediately resolved. Polar points are evidence of the extreme division. This is a part and parcel of the process of resolving differences that must occur preparatory to the Days of Light and Life. There can be no settlement as long as there are polarized, hostile groups opposing each other. And so, you must work through these processes with our assistance; and, our assistance is provided by Christ Michael in his Correcting Time program. This is the remedial program to assist resolution of the differences. We have begun this process by announcing and instituting (as far as we’re concerned it is instituted) the fundamental values of humanity that run across the whole of your species regardless of gender, race, ethnic groups, nationalities, and so on. You must have a point of reference for resolving differences. You must have the criteria of truth for resolving social differences between groups. This is the means that you can and will use to do so in the future along with the ethic and morality that evolves from those seven values. These values are, as we have said before, common to all races throughout inhabited planets whether they come from Homo sapiens genomes or not. Equality is the premier value that determines the quality of life on a planet. We have said before (and this is a point for you to note) that the treatment of women is one of the ultimate points of equality to measure the civility and maturity of a civilization. Thank you.

Rick: Thank you for your excellent answer.

MM: You’re welcome.

JT: That seems to be all we have today.

MM: Alright. I’ll provide you with our closing then.

Equality, seven values, and the new consciousness 

I just told you that equality is the penultimate value of all human ethics and morality. It provides the highest moral pinnacle of achievement of any individual, of any gender, of any religion, culture, spirituality, political group, and so on. Through equality, you value other people’s life as you value your own, you protect the life of others as you do your own, and you provide the circumstances by which they can grow into the innate potential that they brought into life. And that their quality of life is the same as yours. And when it is not, you strive to provide the education and training that the person desires to have an improved quality of life equal to your own. These values then, as you can see, become the criteria for achievement of a nation, a society, a gender, and a species upon a planet that qualifies for entry into the Days of Light and Life. When we introduced the seven values, it was perhaps seen as frivolous by some and critical by others. However, it is the qualification, the qualification for entry into the Days of Light and Life. When you have overcome your bias, prejudice, and bigotries against any group, any religion, and any person no matter what their religion, political persuasion, or their sexual persuasion is, then you have achieved a high level of emotional and civilizational maturity. You can count yourself as one of the new consciousness that is necessary to support the holism of civilized civilization. We wish you good day, and certainly you know that you individually, as families, and as a society have your work cut out for you. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

MM: You’re most welcome.




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