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Lightline Teleconference 2022-03-17

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-03-17
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Mark: I’d like to try something else tonight. I was thinking about medical diagnosis and how they can work two ways, sometimes to treat/accept with positive effects and gratitude or viewed negatively and have it ‘cast a spell’ on you, a condition you did not know you had and your mind convinces  you so that you simply fully manifest it. Whether you work with a diagnosis in a positive or negative way, the difference appears to be attitude; what you bring into it can manifest in either direction. It can trigger a healthy outcome or sentence you to the diagnosis itself, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. I would like to share a story which speaks to this, a witness to spirit in action.
My son was in high school on a cross-country running team. There was a regional track meet and they needed volunteers to help the kids as they competed. I eagerly signed up to be of service and began getting lessons from our spiritual teachers at that time which involved conditioning the environment. I was looking for spirit to move me in a direction and grateful for any answers to my prayers.
The day of the meet came and my son and I were both excited for different reasons. We rose early and drove out to beautiful Farragut State Park where busses from everywhere were pulling in and teams of kids were gathering for the various events. The energy in the air was intense with the excitement from all the players. We pulled in and parked. My son disappeared to find his team and I, not having any assignment, walked towards the action looking for guidance about how I could help. One of the first things I came by was a T shirt booth that was just getting set up and as I walked near the gals asked if I was lost and what I was looking for. I mentioned I was looking to volunteer and be of service for the kids. They responded that they needed some help with the booth and the T shirts. How could I tell them I didn’t really think folding T shirts was the kind of hands on service I was hoping for but I started folding T shirts and struggled to be grateful for this act of service so far removed from the activities.
While in prayer, I asked for some vision of a hands on way of directly working with the kids as opposed to other options such as selling T-shirts and the like.  A coach walked by and seeing me folding T shirts asked me what I was doing there and said that they needed a big strong man to volunteer to “catch the kids.”  He walked me down to an area where the racers crossed the finish line and had their times taken. I had never been to a meet before and was unaware of the details or specifics of cross country racing. The coach explained to me that after finishing this long race and running a fast as they could, the runners would be exhausted and needed someone strong enough to pick them up and get them out of harms way to avoid the risk of being trampled at this bottle-neck. The coach said that at the end of these races the kids have pushed themselves beyond endurance and often collapse, faint, or get sick and inevitably fall and incur further injuries. If these runners were not removed promptly then the injuries would mount as others were trying to avoid trampling a teammate. It could start a rash of sympathy injuries and be very disruptive to the race.
I was shocked to learn that these injuries were common, to be expected and had to be managed as part of the event. As the catcher, I was to ‘manage’ the wounded runners and turn them over to the medical staff. I was unaware that things got this bad and yet here I was in charge of helping shuttle them to safety during the finale. I resigned myself that I could help to evacuate them but more so, condition the environment to alleviate some trauma in contrast to the energy to prepare for trauma.
A large medical tent was set up at the finish line with me in the middle watching for the kids who were going to go down. This was the answer to my prayers. I did not wish to see any child suffer and thought maybe I could condition the environment, the finish line, so that the racers would have to ‘go through my space’, through positive environment. I prayed to ‘charge’ the area with the love of God, with the grace of our Divine Parents and to be the instrument of this gift  for the kids. I kept praying my mantra“Your hands Mother, Your hands Father as you so desire”, as I literally walked the boundaries of this space of grace I was installing over and over throughout the entire day of events.
The races began, the crowds gathered at the finish line, the coaches and medical staff assembled and the spirit of service was in the air. I resolved to attempt to touch each runner literally with the hands of The Father as they passed by me to the finish line. When the first runners came through I said to each,  “Well Done!”  patted them on the shoulder, back or a gave them a high five as they went by. I was able to keep up with all the greetings and touching even when the field was packed and I was indeed guided to be of assistance and alerted to those kids in distress; I would rush to them and grab them before they went down, helping them to finish. The athletes responded to my interactions and all were able to finish without falling. I felt I was in the middle of a school of fish, seeking the ones in distress who would come right to me for my support and encouragement. The hands of our Divine Parents were able to elevate the equation so that no one went to the med tent.
The pattern, the conditioning of the environment was repeated about 6 times for all the different events being held that day. Each time I would install the energy grid with focused prayer and intention just prior to the event and then become possessed with spirit and touching all the runners with cheers of well doneThe kids all had more than enough energy, no one fell, no-one tripped or hit the ground because before they did, I was there. I had a hand on themand my prayer was that my hand…was the hand of God.
No injuries were reported, no one went to the med tent throughout the entire day. The normal accidents did not happen. I was drained, sunburned, dehydrated, but charged. The coaches and medical staff were dumbfounded that the commonplace injuries usually attending these races, for some strange reason did not happen. By the last couple of races there was a crowd gathered watching me in motion with the runners and some brought me food and drink because I was not leaving my grace zone. The reality that these observers saw was certainly different than what they expected based on previous experience. I came to the circumstance with no previous expectations and the burning desire to be an instrument of peace. My prayers were answered in no uncertain terms. What may have appeared miraculous to the onlookers was simply my reality as I manifested my purpose. The hands of our Divine parents did indeed touch the children that day in answer to my prayers and theirs. With God All Things are possible if you choose to make it so.
That’s my story of how we can be a liaison with spirit to act as an instrument to be played by Divine forces and literally infuse the playing field with the love of God, with God and for God. I share this story to alert you to the possible perils of a ‘diagnosis’ based on previous experience because everything is in flux and in motion. Even if we think we have an accurate diagnosis we are reminded that we can alter or change it. “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”
Machiventa: Yes, pleased to be invited again, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. To continue on, where there is seeking, there will always be finding. Your preamble to tonights session makes a good living parable where the effect of bringing spirit into the equation can be seen, can be registered in the material dimension. These times when you are able to share and fellowship about the effects of your directed intention are indeed cherished for the fellowship they provide, for the comfort in the sharing of human experience. This is what is so valuable about each of your individual experiences. It comes as a complete unique version of reality, of the reality you embraced. It has its own tone, its own flavor, its own wavelength, its own signature and as such, it is essential that it be included in the mosaic that is created where all the parts are assembled to manifest the whole. Your contribution to the mosaic may never be duplicated or replicated. It is your own personal contribution to make and will always be recognized as you, as your energy, your presence, your contribution, your part of the whole.
Your observations in discussion about the power of thought and the strength of conviction is very worthy of your consideration for all of your thoughts, all of your energy is being expressed, perhaps regardless of your intention, that is, many reactions and responses to conditions and circumstances are merely repeat performances of behavior as expected. In this way your energy get expended automatically as the pattern repeats itself. You are all becoming aware of the significance of the power of thought, of the moment, of the presence, of the now and thought and how there really is no more significant thing that one could do greater than to harness the presence of the moment and the action of thought and proceed to project with intention, with purpose, with a desire to manifest the purpose, the purpose of spirit growth, the purpose of service to oneself or to others. The purpose is ever significant, it provides you with a direction. Applying your purpose you will find the way, you will find the method, the means whereby you will accomplish your vision and manifest that construct of reality. 
You are all learning the power and significance of thought, word and deed directed by your intention and augmented with your faith is a potent combination for you to wield as you are so able to combine these aspects, to put the parts together and to create the connection. There has been a recognized central theme of these recent meetings in regards to the significance of applying your energy towards making the connections with your Inner Guides. The same method may be employed to create this connection as you would to make any other. Simply focus your intention on your purpose and take steps in that direction, not seeing with certainty the entire path before you but demonstrating your faith and following the path regardless.
Indeed you are making great strides in manifesting this reality, even now, and your desire to make it so will indeed make it so. If you continue persistently to engage in the process you will be rewarded for your efforts spent. But you know all this as we have shared this before and I am so grateful to return once again to these classrooms that you provide and that you are willing to open to all of us. This is the greatest petition you might make to come close in connection, to be able to be in a place to embrace your Divine Parents in spirit, to meet them and be embraced by their love. Make is so as you so choose. I take my leave to allow available energy for your meeting with the Inner Voice, thank you. 
Inner Voice: Certainly being recognized and called forward, if you will, opens the door for me to take the microphone, to utilize the power of the voice in the material mortal dimension. The direction of thought about the power of thought, the power of thought to condition environments is paramount to your success at wielding some of the potentials inherent. You need to fully come into the awareness of how significant, how real your focused intention, your prayerful thoughts, your divine petitions, how powerful all these are. Your ability to wield your true creative being is a matter of focusing all your skills, all your talents that you have developed. You know your various components to the manipulation of energy, to the conditioning of fields of energy. This field of energy may be within, this field of energy may be remote to you, nevertheless, it may be conditioned by you. It may be flavored with a divine sense, it may be upgraded to a higher vibration, one more near love, one closer to grace.
This notion of conditioning environments is a key thought construct as to how to affect change in the real world. Change is affected when the energy in the dynamic is altered. It is altered as a matter of routine with every interaction you have with it. Therefore, through the use of your thought, word and deed principles you may condition all manner of environments. You can create environments full of peace. A real world example of such influence is found for all those who have experienced the sensation, the feeling of going into an old religious facility and to feel the energy that hangs in the environment even though those who have charged it, are no longer present. The energy within the temple or the chapel is changed, the vibration is raised. Wherever there is sincere prayer, the desire to find God, the desire to do service, the atmosphere is modified. And so it is with your individual lives. You go about creating all of these temples, all of these places of worship, places of fellowship with all your fellows and you condition the environment where you meet your temples. You create the space for such interactions to take place in peace and safety, in faith and in peace.
I would urge your consideration of the many terms you might use to refer to me, your Inner Voice, your Inner Guide, your Indwelling Spirit, your portal to all that is spirit and to eternity itself. Michael  said, even in the flesh, that He was the way to the Father and his fragment was his portal to the Father. It is your portal, it is your access to all things spirit. Therefore, to seek greater connection with each other will make our experience even greater. I assure you, I as your Inner Guide, express my gratitude for your seeking me and I bring you assurance that you are finding me, in the journey, in the process designed for you to do so. It is with such great joy that I am able to actually use a voice to communicate that to you through this extraordinary crossroads of experience. Our connection is the answer to your prayers and is your destiny because you have so chosen it to be. All that is left is the journey to the destination. The journey is where we build together our storehouse of experience of how we grew into full fledged members of our spirit family and how we contribute our peace to the great mosaic of the whole. So be it, it is so. 
Before taking leave tonight I would offer to vocalize what may be a collective intention. We have a dear sister who has been in some distress. There has been some discussion about the conditions, the nature of the dis-ease but we have even tonight discussed the significance of the spirit component to the equation, of the manifesting of the reality that you would have, the version of reality you would choose over the other potentials that may exist in the physical dimension. So now, if we all would direct intention and purpose towards strengthening the faith bond, the spirit bond, the divine bond and activate grace to bring strength, to bring clarity, to bring healing and health in all forms necessary, to offer these prayerful intentions, this directed purpose to this point of our beloved sister and petition that the greater forces join us in our effort. Your Divine Parents whose children they are, desire as well to help. So through the connection you have, bring this connection into this vision, this projection of grace and train your intention on the will of your Divine Parents in manifesting whatever changes need to occur. Confirm, even in the hour of your petition, your sincerity and your faith in the process, even in the results you would envision in the end process of healing. Condition that environment as well. Make sure that area is well conditioned to receive grace from on high and embrace the process and the resulting healing.
Remember to focus even the body. Bring the vehicle into alignment, return focus to the breath, receive on the inhale, take in life force energy. On the exhale release energy, project energy, direct energy. It need not be a lengthy operation, merely a sincere one as time is not as relative to such matters as are undertaken in spirit. The final act is always one of gratitude, one of appreciation for being part of such an experience, for being brought into the presence of our Divine Parents and for feeling the love, the connection, for witnessing the grace as we perceive it. I assure you the acts have echoed throughout the universes as any act of love reverberates throughout. Thank you for facilitating these waves that go out and emanate from this source. I encourage you to stay true to the mission as you understand it and you will certainly have great success to share in conjunction with your efforts. 
I close this connection now only verbally. Know that I never close any connection with you. I never cut you off or can’t be found or can’t be contacted. That is not my mission, my mission is contact with you, is connection with you. It is our mission as we find this, as we make this connection we grow closer and closer to our destiny of becoming one and my being is incorporated into your energy signature and your personality, your energy signature comes to represent us, our combined nature, the soul that we have built together. It’s a pleasure to avail ourselves of this opportunity for such style of contact. I recognize the significance of our functioning in this capacity and I appreciate the faith required for us to be here now, for the intention required for us to be here now, for the purpose expressed that allows us to manifest this reality. With God, all things are possible. So be it as we discover this truth together. Until we meet again, may you have a smooth journey, good day.
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