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Lightline Teleconference 2022-05-05

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2022-05-05
Teacher: Jonathan, Mother Spirit, Inner Voice
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, welcome us into the space with you, greet us as we join you in this space we share together. We seek at times like this to commune with you, to be with you and all your children of light. So as we stand here and reach up as the little children of yours that we are, it is always so comforting to have you respond to our call and embrace us from on high. Thank you even now for such an embrace, as it is so, even now.
Jonathan: Hello dear friends, this is Jonathan replying to your call. At my great pleasure I get to respond because I can, you can and so we can. I understand that there is some question about the dimensions of family and I consider that I have some right to speak with you about this as I consider myself a member of the family that is sitting around this table right now. There of course is the material maternal aspect of the mortal nature of family, those members whom you are born into association with and who you spend your time with and who you surround yourself with. And you also know there is the family that you choose, the ones who you gravitate towards naturally and easily and assume such a natural normal relationship as if you were born into the family with each other.
Such a relationship of choice is what we enjoy even now, between us and among us. This group all want to be here by choice and have chosen to take a seat around this table. This is the family that has developed around this mission, this Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, Michael Mission, this mission of purpose. When groups of individuals get together around a cause or purpose, then their energies are combined and strengthened and the force is very real and genuine of combined intention. That is what is so special about groups such as we are enjoying now. All the members are here for a purpose, the purpose to connect to the spirit circuits, to connect to that piece of themselves that is spirit, to make this association of the part to the whole.
Having been a member of this fit fine family of friends, I am pleased to recognize it and to honor it from the other side, from my spirit perspective but still the same energy signature, the same relationship to each other. All spirit is contactable and therefore in spirit you and I are contactable. Remember this as we have formed and forged relationships, relationships are in spirit and this is becoming under your jurisdiction. So I am honored to be given the opportunity to interject my thoughts around this circle, this circuit of friends, this family by choice and association of which I am still a member as are others who have moved to take a seat on this side. This represents a magnificent shift in awareness that you are all witness to. As Michael said, he would rise again, and we will too. And so it is I have returned to the meeting of family and friends and this represents the acceptance of the eternal career based in the spirit component of your being.
It has been my eternal pleasure to have been with this group through this time of finding, this time of creating to make it so, this time of discovering stillness, of developing and nurturing the connection with your Divine Fragment. There has been so much to learn and embrace and accept and become aware of in this growth process. It has been a pleasure to be with you around a few of the curves and down a few of the stretches but even greater is my appreciation for the fact that we are just shoving off on these eternal careers and we may maintain our connection of friendships of an eternal aspect of spirit. All matters of spirit value are not lost and so it is that you build upon all that is not lost and make it into a thing of glory to behold, a work of art to demonstrate your understanding of its nature.
My friends I appreciate the opportunity to join you again, to rub elbows with you in the spirit sense, energy signatures perhaps. These connections we have grow stronger with use so I look forward to more and more connection as we appear to both show desire. Peace be upon you as you make your way with us down the path together. That is my prayer for all the members of my family here, that peace be upon you in your process and that you take the support of family, that you utilize the strength of the circuitry and the power of this connection. Let it be so as you choose, farewell.
Mark: I would like to make vocal petition as well as my internal petition to hear from Mother Spirit as we are approaching Mother’s Day. What say you?
Mother Spirit: My dears ones, thank you so much for asking about me and after me. Thank you for considering my presence at all. My love for you, my support of you surrounds you so completely, so thoroughly that it may be difficult at times to tell where you leave off and I begin, or where I leave off and you begin. That’s how close we are, almost indistinguishable, and just like the unborn who has never experienced life outside the womb, you have similarly no contrast to afford you some notion of what life would be without my embrace and this is good, this is beautiful, this is true. But as the womb in which you are developing, it is my pleasure to watch you grow and develop and become who you are destined to be and so it is with much appreciation that I respond to your request to hear from me, to feel my energy signature closer, to associate closer, even closer than we are.
I seek nothing more than for you to thrive and survive and become an expression of divine love that you are. And so I am pleased to see that that is exactly what is transpiring even now. My dear ones, my love for you knows no bounds, no conditions, no limitations, and I receive your affections and receive your gifts of grace to me when you act in love, when you resemble your parents in their desire to be loving and in service. Any mother is pleased and proud of the future generations of love that may manifest in unique combinations. Our relationship endures long after you leave this terrestrial abode. We have a cord between us that is intact for some time as with any mother and child. I too desire that you go in peace, that you go with God in peace as you go. I pray also that you grow in the faith and conviction of my love for you as you feel my continued love and support in your life.
I am, as you could say, always there for you from before your first breath and I am so proud of you, so pleased with you, so grateful for your contributions to the mosaic of love. Let it bring you peace, let my love continue to surround you, protect you, nurture you, and support you as you share your journey with me. Take my love and be in peace and know that I know of your love for me and I accept it with gratitude. It is so.
Mark: I would like to request now by word, act, and deed to hear from my Inner Guide and to request an exercise.
Inner Voice: Yes, of course, our scheduled meeting. Thank you for allowing me the voice for this time we spend together and for this exercise at hand. Let us run through the paces again here tonight, let us condition the environment. Let us center our own selves, still our own receptors. Whatever mind power, expend it towards the focus of your intention and the creating of the environment for it to be successful, the manifesting of the principles of the shifting of energy, the arrangement of energetic fields and of corresponding matter.
Tonight we have an opportunity to pinpoint the focus of the intention of this group of physician assistants. There has been an injury involving the collapse of certain structural parts of the integrity of the support system. Consider if you will, that damage may have rearranged matter as a result of blunt force trauma. Now that energetic field has been disrupted, the very particles themselves have been disrupted in the bones, they no longer are in pattern or in sequence, they are random. Now consider that random particles may be made to conform to shapes and patterns based upon the tone or frequency that is projected from the physician or the physicians assistant. This is where you come in, this is why you are here now, this is a contribution you can make, this is within your jurisdiction.
So, to prepare the environment you must allow that this energy may change form and become matter when triggered to conform to pattern by an energetic flow of energy that conditions the very particles, the very components, makes them vibrate at certain frequencies, makes them come together in alignment following patterns of cycles. So it is our task, as directive of such exercises, to focus this energy on just such a process. It is possible to glue back together these particles and make them whole again, make them function as one, to restore them back to pattern, as close to original pattern as possible, as close to healthy and healed as possible.
Those are the words. They spring from the thoughts of how to, and what if, and they’re the guideposts you can use to point you in the right direction and the tools to make the most of it. So let us now, having talked the talk, let’s walk the walk. Join me please in focusing your energetic contributions through the portal that we make now and allow for such communications. Let us envision that there are structures and patterns that have been disrupted in our dear sister.  We may envision the coming back together and the restructuring of the disturbed pattern. The field has been disrupted, the energy field and the physical manifestations of the support structure. Let our intentions be focused on the restoration, the combining back together, the bringing back together of the parts back into the whole and the glueing together of all the pieces with a mixture of divine love and grace and peace and harmony. This love glue will bind together the errant pieces and strengthen the bonds between all the little pieces. This love is the frequency being charged through the organism which mandates a change in matter to conform and accommodate the frequency and this process is healing, is the restoration of pattern, is the recombination of the elements and the returning of divine pattern.
There is a great strength and a power in assuming your role as physician’s assistants in regards to health and healing and to take and don the cloak of one qualified signals you are qualified. To pick up the gauntlet and go forward is what is required, is all it takes to insure your momentum and your success. Now, the final act of conditioning, the gratitude and appreciation for the effect, your whole hearted appreciation for such a gift of grace and recognizing it is in accordance with natural and divine law and in the end, your acceptance that it is true, it is good, it is beautiful, and therefore it is of God. Thank you Divine Parents for this experience, the opportunity to be of service. We ask that your divine grace be showered on our sister, whatever that is, not limited to our vision or interpretation of what that might be but in fact what ever Your Will for her be done.
Time spent in directed thought, in directed focused intention is energy purposed, is energy given life and each one of you has been graced with the opportunity to be the first source and center of an eternal career and perhaps even the beginning of other eternal careers as you create more of yourselves. In this way you are as your Divine Parents, you are creators and these exercises we engage in with focused intention are your training ground for how to properly administer and focus your latent powers. All is well my friends, hear those words from within, from my projection within as I assure you, all is well and getting better all the time. I join the others in bidding you go in peace, to be in peace and harmony and love. Take these characteristics and infuse them into your being, into your actions, into your intentions and into your purpose. Good day to you all, farewell.
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