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NET-PMG #35, Thought Adjusters on Urantia have been activated, a time of awakening

2022-07-11, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #35, Machiventa, Daniel’s Thought Adjuster

Planetary Manager’s Group #35 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:  Group = NET-PMG)

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager, Daniel’s Thought Adjuster



Thought Adjusters on Urantia have been activated

A time of awakening

The coming major Nexus event

Praying for the spiritual wakening of others

A time of joining, transformation, and changing consciousness


TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


Thought Adjusters on Urantia have been activated

Daniel: Well, let’s start with “Wow!”

TA: Good morning, this is Daniel’s Thought Adjuster. I’d like to speak to you today on behalf of our friend, Machiventa Melchizedek. As you can see, I will also use the database of This One to speak to you. You who are reading this and listening to this are in an incredible situation [with] a potential for immense personal growth. The Thought Adjusters on Urantia have been activated, particularly in those who will to do God’s will. As you are part and parcel of the Correcting Time through your own dedication and commitment and your own commitment to your Thought Adjuster, you are in a position to do tremendous good for the spiritual welfare of everyone on this planet. Anyone who has a commitment to God—to the God presence within them—will be particularly receptive to our presence, to our urgings within them. This is a time when your prayers, your thoughts, and your requests can be most effective to initiate that greater contact. This One has seen this personally for others. It is a tremendous transformation that occurs in the individual over a very brief period of time. Whereas it may take a lifetime, many decades, to awaken an individual to the realization of personal commitment and intention of living spiritually, now it can be done very rapidly with visible results within months.

There is a definite need on your planet for an awakening. The change of consciousness—a transition of global humanity, the consciousness of humanity on a personal level and the global level—is definitely occurring. It is part of what has been transpiring on Urantia for several centuries, and that investment now becomes evident and very important. You now are becoming active agents of Spirit, you are no longer dormant, spiritual assets waiting to be guided. You now have the intention for yourself to be guided, and now you can pray for the guidance of others and for their Thought Adjusters to awaken that individual.

As Machiventa has said many times, we thank you for your own awakening, good day.

A time of awakening

MM: This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is not usual, or to put it the other way, it is quite unusual for a Thought Adjuster to speak directly through This One as he cannot remember that it has occurred before though perhaps once many years ago. This is as the Thought Adjuster has said—it’s a time of awakening, a change of consciousness at the global level and personal level. That becomes meaningful when people intentionally connect with that consciousness, live their lives, and make decisions that support the consciousness of this new era that is beginning to awaken in many people. As you know from your honest media, many people are seeking new avenues, new ventures of political guidance, governmental guidance than before. There is a lack of faith in the existent traditional means of governance.

There is awakening a new consciousness that people want to take hold of their governments, of their social processes, and their institutions. People intrinsically know that there must be something better than what has occurred. It is important that this Thought Adjuster has said that there must become a broad awakening of consciousness in millions of people, not just a few, that they seek something better and rather than revolution, they seek reformation and transformation of what has been to what will be. Now in this transition era, you are suffering from the tremendous dissonance that is occurring between the old traditional masculine dominated societies and cultures to that which is new, which is beginning to be identified, and pointed to. It takes courage to do this work publicly, as we know, as we have witnessed with others who have striven to do so, but this time your voice will not fall upon deaf ears for those who hear will want to hear more and will want to know that there’s something planned that is better for your life and living during your lifetime, however long or however brief the remaining time is.

This is a co-creative effort. And this is required of you (morally required as well) to participate in making the choices that assist others to live their lives peacefully, with satisfaction, and a higher quality of life. And you as well would benefit from this tremendously. What unfolds in the coming days, weeks, and few months is critical to what will develop thereafter. It is our hope that people will make good decisions, moral decisions, ethical decisions to support future generations who can live in peace and harmony with an improved quality of life. Thank you. I’m open for questions if you have any.

JT: Machiventa, it seems to me that everybody’s ready for big changes. We don’t seem to have as many questions as we used to. We’re ready and are just kind of waiting.

Daniel: This is not unexpected to put it in a double negative which has its own meaning. When people are in a crunch, it’s not unusual for people to not have any questions. They’re ready to march. They’re ready to engage what needs to be done.

JT: We have Jacques with his hand up now, Jacque.

Jacque: Bonjour Machiventa. Bonjour all. First, I was very happy to listen to the words from Daniel’s TA. It’s very encouraging. I have a friend of mine here in France; we are all discussing together to try to connect with our TA or at least with our celestial helpers. This is important for us from Europe or so to have some voice here. So, I am very, very happy to have this word that within months we can do something. That’s my comment.

The coming major Nexus event

MM: Your question again is a “when” question. I gave you the answer to the “when” question in a roundabout way that you will experience some changes around you. I will explain it more thoroughly this way: there are not just a dozen or two vectors coming to a nexus point in the near future, but there are literally hundreds. Some had their origin decades ago, some years ago, and some a couple of centuries ago, that are now coming to bear upon this time and these moments. There will be no mistaking to any of you when the Nexus event occurs. It will be sudden, and it will be of such magnitude that it will produce in the general public a big “HUH?” to what occurred. For many people it will be “so what?” and “Okay, now what?”, but for those of you who are connected, you will see that it is meaningful, it is special, and that it has a purpose. I cannot reveal this to you as it is of such a degree of amazement, that you would be in wonderment and ask a million questions that will be answered for you once this occurs. I know this is mysterious. It is otherworldly in many regards to you. We only reveal this so that you know that we are in the process of dealing far more directly with you personally and your families and your societies than ever before. You know and have been told many times that the Most Highs deal and work with the affairs of man—meaning the organizations of humanity, of your societies—and that is remote compared to what you will know will be occurring within the timeframe I have given you. Thank you.

Jacques: Thank you Machiventa. It was not really a “when” question from my side, but I was happy to learn that today it is easily possible for people to connect with our Thought Adjusters and celestial helpers. And as you said the question also is: what can we do today to prepare ourselves? So, we are—I know myself and some of my friends—we are reading these materials, preparing some translations, and after, what’s next? Because today very few people are ready to read this kind of material. But we expect that soon, when some event will occur, then people will grasp these materials, read it, digest it, and use it to change our institutions.

MM: Yes, that is our hope as well. These materials that we have been producing through this one for the last 21 years is a source that would benefit many people. It may also confuse many others; however, it is revealing to individuals who take the time to read these materials. We do not advise any particular procedure for reading them. If you started with the last ones and read backwards through the series, you would gain a quicker understanding than beginning at the first transcripts 21 years ago. Thank you.

Jacques: Thank you Machiventa. It’s clarified. Thank you very much. That’s it for me.

Rick: Well, hello Machiventa.

MM: Well, Hello Rick. It’s good to hear from you.

Praying for the spiritual wakening of others

Rick: And it’s always good to be here. So, our unusual episode today of having Daniel’s Thought Adjuster address us is very unique, and so my question is related to what Daniel’s Thought Adjuster shared with us. His Thought Adjuster was saying that [for] those of us who will to do God’s will in our life, that the strength of the connection will grow and there will be results from that. And as we look around we see the chaos and the sadness and the disruption and in the case of the United States some very serious backward steps, not to mention Ukraine, Russia, China, Europe, and the rest of the planet and here in Mexico. I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to share with us how some of this uplifting of connection and those of us who want to do God’s will might manifest here with us.

MM: Certainly. I alluded to that in my statement. When you pray for spiritual awakening of an individual—for their Thought Adjuster to connect powerfully with the individual—that the individual would also reciprocate by seeking guidance from spirit in general, or Celestials, or Melchizedeks, or Guardian Angels, or Thought Adjusters (the presence of God), that there will occur in them a change of attitude, a change of decision making, a reexamination, a self-examination of their own thinking, the decisions they are making, their own unhappiness, how they can deal with it constructively, how they can deal with the problems that they had with their family, friends, associates at work, and so on.

You were praying for an awakening of individuals, and we invite you to make that specific—to ask the Thought Adjuster of the person you’re praying for to assist in awakening that individual, that you are asking them and asking your own Thought Adjuster to assist that individual to awaken to the God Presence within them. You will hopefully see a change of attitude, change of values, what’s important, how they make decisions, and how they react to others. And this is the real telling point; how people react to the behavior of others. Immature behavior from others will sometimes generate immature behavior on the person that you’re praying for, and this is not helpful for anyone. It is an awakening that an individual’s response to someone else’s behavior is their own issue. It’s not from the other individual who they are blaming for their own situation. Do you understand?

Rick: Yes, I believe so. You know, your wonderful answers are so often very complex and nuanced that generally I need to read them when JT sends them out to us to really absorb all of it. But yes, I am listening to you. I hear what you’re saying. But I think I will have a deeper understanding as I reread it a time or two.

MM: Wonderful. You’re more of a literary learner from reading rather than an auditory learner from listening.

Rick: I think that’s true.

MM: Yes. Thank you for your question.

Rick: Thank you for your wonderful answer.

JT: That’s all we have for today. Do you have a closing for us Machiventa?

A time of joining, transformation, and changing consciousness

MM: Good day, my friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. The words of the Thought Adjuster who spoke to us this morning is one of the best benedictions I could give to you and share with you. It is a time of joining others, a time of transformation. It is a change in time of changing consciousness—group consciousness, individual consciousness, planetary consciousness—which reflects the consciousness of all humanity. We thank you for your presence here because you are evidence of this change of heart, change of consciousness, change of culture, and so on. We bless you as you go forward during your days and your hours and weeks as you assist us in the ways that you can to assist your world to come into its own enlightenment. Know always that Christ Michael’s presence is with us. Christ Michael’s partner Nebadonia—mother spirit of Nebadon—is here as well. Her presence is pervasive, and she has a wonderful color that pervades all; a wonderful, powder blue—a light shade of electric blue. We thank you for this day and may you be enfolded in her grace and her light. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.


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