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6/3/2022 – Machiventa – Perspective on Tragedies and Conspiracies

Machiventa Melchizedek



*            My friends, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, here to respond to your inquiries and your yearnings, your fears and the struggles you have in this current climate, for it would be easy from a limited mindset, to feel defeated and to feel it is hopeless when tragedies strike not once, not twice, but multiple times over and over again.

Consider how the apostles felt after Jesus was taken and seemingly humbled and dethroned, whipped and beaten and placed up for everyone to see, and then the subsequent years where, one by one, many of their fellows received similar treatment.  It would have been easy to give up, to go back to the more simple paths of simply existing day to day, but they didn’t.  They moved forward.

I would like to talk to you a bit tonight about the conspiratorial mindset, for in this day and age it seems there are nefarious forces lurking behind every corner with some plan to destroy or disrupt or bring chaos to the world and it is true, there are people and groups who plan to do things that would bring trouble for others, that would hurt others.

But the truth is, we are involved in a conspiracy, too.  We have a mission to pursue on Urantia and we are conspiring as to how we can achieve this mission, both using subtle and obvious means.  We have engaged accomplices in our activities, friends such as you, to pursue this objective to bring a conspiracy of love to fruition.  If we spend too much time looking at what the others are conspiring to do, we forget to develop our conspiracy and pursue it.

So you can see my desire tonight is to flip the coin and have you look at the other side of what being involved in doing good really means.  You are children of God.  Not everyone knows this.  All too many people do not.  Each of you have developed in your lives a perspective regarding the universe and your place in it that many others only dream exists, if they can grasp it at all.  Our conspiracy is how to make this accessible in a way that all those hurting, crying, devastated and defeated people can realize.  It would be difficult to do it by simply commiserating with them about the difficulties in life.

How to be Jesusonian in your approach to others is a good question to ask.  How do you turn the other cheek, replace evil with good, provide an uplifting thought or word or deed to replace the sense of frustration and worry about all that is happening in the world?  It is easier to do this when things are going well and when you feel the spirit flowing and when others are receptive to you.  It is more difficult when circumstances are more threatening or dark, and yet that is when they are most needed.

So as you go through in your mind the difficulties that you face, know that you are ambassadors of the light you have received.  You are the arms and legs and voices for the very God you strive to be like.  You are the outward voices that can lead people to their inner voice by turning the other cheek, by being true and honest and real to the extent possible.  Regardless of whatever poor choices you have made in your life, each moment is an opportunity to turn it toward a higher light, and so you can feel worthy to be not only a disciple, but an apostle, not just a follower but a participant in the plan of bringing light to a world that has been darkened.  We appreciate every time you approach your inner spirit or ourselves, both individually and as a group, and we will continue to work with you as we develop the plans for how to bring Urantia back into the fold in a way that is not merely technical, but practical, not merely a reality in spirit, but in substance, so that all of your world knows that they are a part of a larger picture.

I appreciate the opportunity to share these thoughts this evening and would be glad to answer any follow up questions if there are any.

Q1:  Thank you for your thoughts.  I’m struggling.  I know it is an honor to carry the light forward and intend to do that, but in my heart I struggle and am upset with what happened with the school shooting and it has broken me.  I have a dark view of America right now and I’m pessimistic that there will be a breakthrough in my lifetime.  It’s hard to lift myself up when I see all this chaos around every corner.  So if you have any word to help me pay it forward it would be appreciated.

*            Thank you for sharing this perspective.  This is not uncommon.  You are not alone.  At varying degrees, millions and millions of people feel the same way as you do.  The bigger question is whether reconciliation can happen between the varying mindsets, not only in your country, but here on this world.  These tragedies are devastating, yes.

Understand that we feel just as devastated by the death of anyone of any age in such a violent manner, and so we do not draw deep distinctions between what is happening in Texas and in other places around your country, and what is happening in the Ukraine, and what is happening in places where people are starving or dying of thirst or dying slowly from poisonous circumstances in their air and water, ground and food.  These problems are manifold.

Your world has been distorted and although we seek to change that in the years and decades and centuries to come, it cannot happen overnight.  So we are left with how to move forward in the circumstances that currently exist.  And so I ask you, how do you see yourself moving forward in this world of difficulties, with these tragedies?  Do you feel that the work you do becomes more impossible or that you can see avenues within the distortion to be effective, to provide ministry, so to speak?

Q1:  Well it is certainly harder.  These situations are getting more personal to people.  Their fear and trauma is magnified.  So they’re increasingly disregulated emotionally.  So yes, it is getting harder.  I do feel I am able to bring some calm, some soothing to them, but it’s getting harder with the crazy violent things happening.

*            Rest assured that we are working tirelessly with many to bring the concepts forth which would diminish the need for such occurrences to happen.  We are, of course, limited in our ability to break through and have those conceptual patterns realized by those with the capabilities to make the decisions, but there is progress and yet it does not mean it won’t happen again in the meantime.

You are an effective minister.  Trust yourself in this.  When you set aside the outer world to focus directly on what you can provide one person at a time, you come into the flow quite well and you are able to become the light of God and bring hope to those people who have the opportunity to receive your ministry.  When you focus on the work you are effective.  Then when you let go and sink back, you feel all the other crushing responsibilities and things happening in the world.  So know that feeling this sense of ministry is your empowerment.  If you can find a way to not leave it behind at the end of your day, but transform it toward what you are doing now, it will help you to stay in the flow and better perceive what it is you can do or say or provide.

Sometimes the best time to be with God and with your friends are those very times when you feel so low and weak.  So do not shy away from what will bring you back that rejuvenation when you want to just crawl under a blanket and forget about it all.  I hope this provides you some perspective, my friend.

Q1:  You said it very well.  It’s exactly what I try to do, but I was not doing a good job of it in the last two weeks, so thank you for your encouragement.

*            You know the saying about the “footprints in the sand.”  I will leave it at that.

Q2: Having been involved in different interfaith activities, I’ve enjoyed meeting people of other faiths and learning more about them.  Is there any communication with people who are spiritually focused and who would welcome communication with you and your associates in other faith communities?

*            Yes, the answer is yes.  We are working with a large variety of groups on your world to bring forth the conceptual patterns that would fall into alignment with Michael’s mission.  Recognize that we do not see separate faiths so much as those with faith and those without.  To us, when someone has faith they are a part of the tribe.  They are all one religion, the religion of the spirit, as you know.  This goes back to those concepts recently about peace, love and harmony, in oneness that has been shared.  When you are in that place, whether theoretically, hopefully, or ideally, you recognize yourself as being part of the journey together with all others.  So while we, indeed, work with a multitude of groups and individuals, generally they perceive what we are sharing within the framework of their own paradigm.  Many would see us as just being Jesus or God or whatever being they would see as somebody they could hear, rather than necessarily hearing the word Machiventa or any of the other terms that have been presented to you from the Urantia papers.

Q2:  Thank you, that makes sense.  I’ve sensed the concept of love is universal and there are good people of many faiths trying to help share that concept with others so we can help change the planet.  I sense many are becoming more aware of our Heavenly Father within as well.  I’m happy to hear your universal approach to this.  Are any political leaders part of the groups that are being approached by you and your associates?  I sense some are more advanced than others and whether there has been any success in that regard to help in the gradual evolution of these structures.

*            Yes.  There are varying levels of receptivity, however, and yet this does not stop us from using personalities near to those in power to provide concepts that can slowly be introduced to the higher political powers.  There is a layering of potential on your world to utilize, from those who are simply able to provide a good word in their communities and those who are in a position to provide thoughts at a higher level, whether it be through media or connection to those with the fortune of position, and those who are in the reserve corps of destiny.  Know that we utilize these various layers, to the degree we can, to influence various happenings on your world.  There are those working overtime right now in the volatile regions to bring about changes in perspective to hopefully produce patterns that are more conducive to peace and cooperation rather than exploitation and aggression.  Any other questions?

Q3:  How is it so, that the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men and women?

*            In some ways what I described to you tonight is part of that very effort.  There is a true path we are taking that cannot be expressed adequately to you at the current time without giving undue hope or contentment that might change how you would pursue in your lives, but know that for everything we do tell you, there are many things we don’t, both for your own good and for the good of all, as well as knowing that it is not the time.  From the angelic corps, to the efforts of my administration to develop on your world, and the efforts of the Most Highs and other agencies within our system, constellation and universe, there is a unification of purpose that leads us to a knowing, not a faith, not a belief, not a hope or a wish, but a knowing that all that is happening now will lead toward a glorious conclusion in eternity.  This is not in doubt.  Yes, the temporal problems exist and the tragedies, but you are on the path to light and life.  It is going to occur.  Michael has seen it and tells us about it, and this is, I am sure, not just a comforting thought for us, but for you, as well.

Q4: Thank you Machiventa.  You’ve filled me with a complex set of emotions calling me to serve a higher purpose.  I was going to whine about my QAnon sister getting covid and how angry I was with her and instead  you have called me to an actual parenting of the situation.  It fills me with what Sunny says sometimes, a sort of tingling sense of power and recognition that I can be different than that.  You gave me a poem a while ago in which you said that mercy is the watchword of this planet, and patience.  So it helps me see how to deal with her and I really thank you for this broader perspective you’ve given us tonight.

*            Yes, my friend.  I recognize that in you.  Know that despite your “devilish” – which is not really the right word – but perhaps mischievous inclinations, at times, when you get about it you are true and you are kind and you are all heart, yes.

Q5: Machiventa, I would like to thank you for sharing that phrase about love, peace and harmony, in oneness.  As I do that, people really gravitate to that. They get it. I have now moved on to not just thinking of a phrase, but putting the energy of that phrase out.  So thank you so much and thank you for helping us realize that by doing this, we are putting a powerful contribution into the correcting time.

*            Thank you, my friend, and thank you for your efforts to be of service in your life, and to shine that spirit and that exuberance you feel when you come into that place of harmony.

Q6:  I would like to ask you if you could talk a little bit more about the spiritual renaissance period that maybe we are going to experience at this time.

*            You are on the cusp of great change, and yet we see change in terms that can take decades and centuries, and so, while you want to see it in your lives now happening, we know that it can take longer than perhaps you would desire.  But as you have seen in your history, sometimes great change happens overnight, such as with the wall coming down and people opening up and hugging those who they perceived as enemies only days and hours before, because no longer did the barrier exist between them.

So it behooves us to encourage you to live as though the great change is going to happen any moment, to be part of that change, to, in concert with your inner spirit, manifest those potentials you see, because even while it could take decades or a century before the last vestiges of materialism dissipate, it could just as easily happen in a time frame that is far shorter by simply someone with that ingenuity, laced with their spiritual connection, expressing in a way that suddenly makes everyone “get it.”  Be part of helping people “get it,” and if you do, this change can only happen sooner, rather than later.

Q7:  It occurs to me there are so many concepts we have been educated and taught about or simply have felt in our hearts that we want to express in terms of how we can help give people hope and the example of Michael’s unconditional love.  If we can paraphrase or borrow from them and articulate them then there is hope for the planet and change to occur.

*            Yes, and know that your efforts to paraphrase and share from those lessons you have drawn upon in your life, not only help others, but also help you to better perceive how to be more in the flow to such an extent that eventually the ideal would be that you do not need to rely on the quotes or paraphrasing, but to simply, in relationship with your spirit, be in a place to just share authentically in response to somebody else’s sharing.  So while we smile and appreciate when you utilize a thought from the Urantia papers or other higher minded concepts, the moments when you simply choose to be in harmony with God and suddenly blurt out some idea that was needed in the situation, these bring a deep and abiding contentment within us that you are manifesting, not only a retelling of the wonderful lessons, but exemplify inspired activity that can move with whatever is needed in the moment.  This happens because you are in relationship and can trust that the relationship with spirit exists.

My friends, I appreciate the opportunity to share with you this evening.  As you have perhaps noticed, I didn’t want it to end and have truly appreciated the opportunity to hear your thoughts and expressions and respond to them.  We are in this together.  You are not alone and when you cry because little children are being destroyed, our hearts and minds are disturbed and perturbed similarly but maybe not so reactively.  This is because we know the only way forward is to stand up, brush yourself off, and move forward, and “be the change in the world you wish to see.”  If it means standing up with a sign and saying “no more guns,” go for it.  If it means getting more attuned internally so you know better how to respond and react, yes, this is the way.  But regardless, know that you can never go wrong by remembering to spend time in stillness each day with the one who can answer all of those questions and provide the partnership that will allow you the opportunity to see what can be done each day.  “Be in the world, but not of the world.”  My love to you.

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