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Planetary Transformation Transcript with Monjoronson 6-12-22

Planetary Transformation Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

June 12, 2022


Topic: Reconciling Planetary Circuits of Mind for Personal and Collective Transformation.

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo


PRAYER:  Paradise Creator Deities and Divine Parents, we thank you for the gift of our Magisterial Son as we move through these times of great change and challenge.  We ask you to center us in your Divine Presence through the circuits of Mind, Spirit, and Soul.  May our focus act as a unified field to produce those changes that you need for us to hold at the human material end for more divine WILL to be achieved here on this world.  We are so grateful to participate with you.  And as you connect us all together in the circuit of oneness, may the efforts that we produce from our hearts—those spiritual energies—be put to good use wherever they are needed all throughout the planetary circuits of mind.  We are ready to begin through your GRACE and GOODNESS, and may your WILL be done now.  Thank you. 


MONJORONSON:  Greetings, my beloved brethren!  This is Monjoronson.  As you open your hearts to your intention to be of service to your world in this great time of need, allow yourselves to drink deeply of my presence. 


For those of you who may not know me yet, I am here to establish more of the divine order for this world to advance in the planetary and universe circuits of all LIFE that this world would achieve its spiritual destiny at some future point.  Although my presence here is not in physical form at this time, there are plans underway for the materialization of many spiritual beings who will assist you.  But that is for a future time, and presently, what we are here to accomplish today is to bring about more RECONCILIATION into the circuits of planetary mind that there would be more harmony and congruency between this vast communications circuitry to afford all life here to be upstepped into the circuits of LIFE.


To begin, continue to focus in your hearts and invite my presence to move in.  Become familiar with my energy signature in whatever ways your Indwelling Spirits are helping you achieve greater spiritual capacity and recognition of my presence.  We will begin here and move forward from this connected state.  If it is helpful to experience my presence, simply focus on my name MONJORONSON, and let the energies stir and move in you. (Pause)


Today our focus will be centered on RECONCILING PLANETARY CIRCUITS OF MIND.  Some parts of your planetary culture use the word “consciousness” to describe this vast communication field where everything occurs in thought, feeling, and action.  The source of this field is from the third person of the Trinity at the Paradise level—the Infinite Spirit.  The Infinite Spirit distributes what we call MIND all throughout the vast starry realms.  And at your level, which you might call the evolutionary domain, you are given an opportunity to participate in this great mindal circuitry.  As you may well imagine it is beyond human awareness and imagination, but you are now learning some of its operations, and today we invite you to focus on RECONCILING PLANETARY CIRCUITS OF MIND to assist this great fabric of your planet’s system to heal and to be able to be uplifted into the higher universe circuits where your minds are given greater information to perceive, that you may collaborate with divine WILL in transforming this world to place of great beauty and peace.


As you know, the fabric of life on this world through these circuits of mind has been highly distorted due to the planetary rebellion.  And we, among others, have been diligently engaged at bringing about this greater harmonization between these circuits of mind here that you would become more connected and integrated into these life circuits that support you and all life here.


I invite you now to place your own focus on RECONCILING PLANETARY CIRCUITS OF MIND.  Focus in your heart sand allow these energies to weave into you that you may engage with them and become more harmonized in the various circuits which are connected into you, which are providing you with information you need to take more responsibility for your spiritual growth and inner transformation.  As you do this, I will continue to share my essence with you of Personality and assist you in acclimating to what these RECONCILIATION dynamics are here to provide for your growth and creative potential expression.  (Pause)


It is difficult for me to describe the way in which your planetary circuits of mind have been corrupted.  Some of you are aware of the depths to which this has occurred, but even that pales in comparison to the deprivation all life has suffered here.  The plans of evolution for this world based on the divine trajectory are now being restored.  But first, the damage must be repaired.  And holding this focus today you are assisting all of the helpers to weave in these higher life circuits that you need to clear your minds of the embedded stigmas of sin and evil, that you would have more emotional stability and mental clarity along with enhanced spiritual receptivity.  


We are happy to provide this to you but it is up to you how you will engage when you sense these new circuits integrate into your mind and body.  Your Indwelling Spirits are ready to provide you with all of the answers you need to those questions pressing on your mind and heart, using your mental current wisely, and continuing to practice your communication with your Spirit is fundamental for you to make this forward progress on your path of soul growth.


And while at some level here we are preaching to the choir we do ask more of you because you are aware of what is needed at this time to transform this world into a place of beauty and splendor.  Now this will take many generations for it to fully flourish.  But can you not imagine that you can live this life already here and now by allowing your own mindal circuits to be fully reconciled with your Spirits and integrate into your physical bodies that you may enjoy a more fulfilling human life experience where you are more aware of why you are here as an individual. 


So, as these words settle in, continue to focus on PLANETARY CIRCUITS OF MIND, and we will engage at this personal level for you for a few moments before we invite you to seed these energies into the globe for more collective transformation.  (Pause)


Let us now shift focus and bring your attention to the planet in your mind’s eye before you.  Project these words from your hearts:  RECONCILING PLANETARY CIRCUITS OF MIND.  First, let it spiral around the planet in that familiar counterclockwise rotation as we begin the weaving process for this to have greater impact at all levels of planetary mind.  This is a very vast circuitry.  It is deep and broad and it engages with other higher-mindal circuits, most of which you are still unaware.  But we need your focus now.  We need your intention and your willingness to engage at this heart level for these circuits now to bring about more harmony and congruency and all through this vast life fabric of the planet.  It would be very helpful for you to feel that deep love you have for your world—for all life here—as we engage with you now, my beloved brethren.  (Pause)


As you hold this focus, also invite these energies to move into memory patterns that require this RECONCILIATION dynamic to engage at all mindal levels.  Again, this is a very vast circuitry, but when you ask for more healing and weaving to come together this planet is knit into these higher universe circuits that feeds your minds with the information you need to correct the damage that has been done here.


There has been much truth that has been shielded from you from the past, and this will afford these memory dynamics to function and to feed you not only from what you might consider the spiritual level downward but from planetary memory upward.  Let all of these circuits now come back to life, harmonize into planetary mind, and bring you into a greater context of what LIFE is here is to disclose to you and how to use the life circuits in support of planetary healing and transformation of all life here.  Continue from that place of love, compassion, and respect for all life and this will aid greatly into what we are bringing in now.  (Pause)


Life is a never-ending continuing, my brethren.  It is so vital.  It is so potent.  As you focus on this RECONCILIATION dynamic, feel that need for more life-enhancing circuits to bathe this world, bringing about a more integrated structure of planetary mind that is able to capture, if you will, higher spiritual frequencies and light components that are so transformative, soothing to mind and body.   Your world is being stimulated in a way that has never occurred.  And you have provided us with many means to bring about the awakening of human creative potential, and to help you reckon what has happened to this world that more reconciliation and rehabilitation may occur.  


But it is by your efforts individually and collectively you bring this about.  So, as you also hold this focus into the collective you may invite your Spirits to help you understand and appreciate what it is that you can continue to do and even augment in loving service to this world.  In this way, you begin to activate more of your own creative potential, and you have been given so much more than you can ever imagine.  But you make it real through your daily experience one day at a time.  Continue this focus as we continue our ministrations and bring about more of this harmonization process which is part of the RECONCILIATION dynamic.  (Pause)


As these energies integrate, you may notice some changes within how you perceive your external reality.  Allow your Indwelling Spirits provide you with greater context about what is underway within the circuits of mind.  It is vitally important that you remain calm and steadfast, and you know where to go to find this inner bastion of safety and stability.  So, remember to call upon this time and time again, and to continue to practice quieting your mind that you may enjoy broader periods of stillness to bring about this enhanced state of peace within. 


Let us now elevate our gaze to the Paradise Deities who have given so much of themselves to this evolutionary unfolding of all LIFE.  Spend a few moments in appreciation of all that has been given, all that you have the potential to achieve as human ascenders on a wonderful journey of universe and reality exploration.


Paradise Father, Eternal Mother-Son, and Infinite Spirit, we offer you our thanksgiving for all that you provide to this beloved but beleaguered world.  And may your divine reflection of LOVE and GRACE shine upon these men and women who have offered themselves in loving service to this world.  Let us commune together in this circuit of worship, and we thank you for the MERCY extended to this world in its time of great need.  (Pause)


May their divine reflection reverberate down to the core of the earth where the planet’s divine plan exists.  Join with us there now as you descend from Paradise into that core of the earth as these energies integrate now for more RECONCILIATION of all circuits of mind to integrate with the design plan.  (Pause)


My beloved brethren, we are deeply grateful for holding focus today with us.  There are new elements being added into these circuits of mind continuing to integrate, continuing to foster creativity within human mind that you may become a more active participant in this Correcting Time agenda of your Father Michael.


We are thankful for your participation, and we invite you to consider how it is that you can continue to move forward to reveal more truth-light to your brothers and sisters through loving devotion and service to this world.  There is much you can do so ask for that information you need to stimulate your imagination and potential.  And the more you do this more will be added to you and your Spirit will help you achieve that which is set about in your heart and soul.  And in this way together, we collaborate to build the heavenly ways upon this earth. 


We have concluded our objectives for today, and as we leave this connection, know that these energies will continue to be seeded deeply into planetary mind and memory.  And anytime you wish to engage in this call again, feel free to do so and we will meet you in that place.  I leavve you now in this manner, my brethren, but I am always available to you.

May you find this lasting peace within yourselves provide you with that anchor of stability and steadfastness, and know that your Spirit is awaiting your time of communion together in the Father’s LOVE.  Good day.   

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