NET98- Unraveling World Politics & Economics, Cohesive Oneness®

2020-08-24. Unraveling World Politics & Economics, Cohesive Oneness. Your world seems to be coming unraveled. Machiventa: As you can see from the chaos that you witness on your news, whether it is here in the United States, South America, Africa, Asia, or Europe, that your world seems to be coming unraveled—that the strings that hold […]

NET97- Willing Commands, New Religion, One-Mindedness, Hell

2020-08-10. Willing Commands, New Religion, One-Mindedness, Hell. New Era Transition #97 – (Find this and previous NETs at: also all other NOCO material. These above documents are also available and translated into Spanish. To attend these sessions live contact JT at [email protected] Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager Topics: Your power to command A command to […]

NET96- Education, Social Institutions, Spirituality, Core Values, Viruses®

2020-07-27. Education, Social Institutions, Spirituality, Core Values, Viruses. Opportunity and success in difficult times. Machiventa. Good morning my friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I am reveling in the brightness of your smiles, the radiance of your personalities, and the God presence within you. Thank you. Today we engage you in some of the traumatic realities […]

NET93- Justice, Racism, Social Evolution & Social Sustainability®

2020-06-15.  Justice, Racism, Social Evolution & Social Sustainability. On leadership. Machiventa.  Good morning. This is Machiventa and I am here with my team of Melchizedek’s to speak with you today. We have continued to observe your world as your world now has something to bring all people together—that is, a terrible disease that is decimating […]

paper- Logic Underlying Innate Human Goodness-49.03.01

2020-05-20 PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE 49.03.01   ABSTRACT  The title states an ethical judgement.  This paper will explain what makes people innately good, and further explains that innate goodness is a genetic expression that has developed from the increasing environmental pressure.  This argument has no basis […]

NET91- Plans, Architects, New Religion, Our Struggle®

2020-05-18. Plans, Architects, New Religion, Our Struggle. Implementation phase. Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek and welcome to another day and another session. We are very pleased to thoroughly confirm that we are in the Implementation Phase of the New Transition Era in this NET #91. As we have told you many times before, it […]

NET90- COVID-19, 5G, Opportunity, New Normal, New Era®

2020-05-04.  Covid-19, 5G, Opportunity, New Normal, New Era. New era in transition—an existential crisis. Machiventa. Good day, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am pleased to be with you once again, and we, myself and my team, are very pleased to see that we have guests with us today. Your team, the NOCO team, can anticipate […]

NET89- Future, Rebels, COVID-19, Global Issues®

2020-04-20.  Future, Rebels, Covid-19, Global Issues. Daniel. It looks like we have a full house of Melchizedeks today. Machiventa.   Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and it is my pleasure to be here, and in many ways, it is an honor to be here among you. Yor are listening to Christ Michael’s work, following His plan, […]

COS1- Fear Discussion Points

2020-04-10 Fear Discussion Points COS #1 – Circle of Service – Discussion Group Purpose, Mission and History: Note: The COS – Circle of Service group has formed as a result of the compilation of the various Teaching Mission (TM) and Correcting Time (CT) transcripts that have been transmitted (TR’d) over mostly, the last 40 years. […]

NET88- Virus, Faith, Multiple Topics®

2020-04-06. Virus, Faith, Multiple Topics. Coming paper on sustainable societies. Machiventa.  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I welcome you to another day. We have much to cover—much to say. You will have many questions we would imagine. We have told you that the work that we have been doing with This One and […]

MLV17- Become Aware

2020-04-01-Become Aware MLevasseur #17 Contents • 1 Heading o 1.1 Topic: Become Aware o 1.2 Group: 11:11 Progress Group • 2 Facilitators o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson o 2.2 TR: Michel Levasseur • 3 Session Topic: Become Aware Group: 11:11 Progress Group Facilitators Teacher: Monjoronson TR: Michel Levasseur Session MONJORONSON: “Hello to you all, Monjoronson here. […]

NET87- Jesus, Pandemic, Discernment, Learning®

2020-28-03. Jesus, Pandemic, Discernment, Learning. Jesus’s business on Urantia. Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Myself and my team thank you for being here during this test session this morning. And, as it is a test session, we will provide you with a message so you can record it, transcribe it, and publish it. […]

NET86 – State of the World®

2020-03-23.  State of the World. State of the world. Machiventa. Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. Let us proceed with the opening statement. Yes, your world is in deep trouble. It will become more severe. It will be frightening. It will be something that, if you are prone to anxiety, will make you more anxious. […]

LLN559- Healing Energy Discussion – Dr. Mendoza, Covid Virus

2020-03-12  Healing Energy Discussion – Dr. Mendoza Subject: Lightline Teleconference   #559 – LLN#559 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza Topic: Healing Energy Discussion – Dr. Mendoza T/R: Mark Rogers Foreword: The following transcript resulted after I shared a recent personal experience of working with healers including Dr. Mendoza in an effort to secure their healing energies around my […]

MLV16- A Difficult Situation

2020-03-11  A Difficult Situation MLV#16en 2020-03-11  Details Category: Messages Published: Wednesday, 25 March 2020 07:00 Written by Magisterial Son Monjoronson Hits: 125 Quebec, Canada, March 11, 2020. Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson. Subject: “A Difficult Situation.” Message received by Michel Levasseur. Monjoronson: “Hello to you all, Monjoronson here, who once again wishes to send you a […]

NET85 – Preparedness, Working Together®

2020-March-09  Preparedness, Working Together. Basking in the sun of Christ Michael. Machiventa. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Welcome to another day. Today, I know you must have, should have, a huge number of questions to ask. Your world is in tumult, so let’s proceed with your questions. Stéphane.  Good morning Machiventa. How are you today? Machiventa. It’s wonderful. […]