paper – Stage 3 Democracies – A Design-Build Project – 19.04

2020-11-03  PLEASE DOWNLOAD TO VIEW PAPER To leave a comment, reply or question… CLICK HERE ABSTRACT: The intention for this paper is to create highly beneficial, values-based, non-violent, evolutionary improvements to the democratic processes of mature Stage 2 Democracies. The table on page 3 provides a list of the characteristics of mature Stage 2 Democracies […]

NET104- Daniel Raphael NOCO NET Retirement Announcement

2020-11-16. Daniel Raphael NOCO NET Retirement Announcement NET #104 FINAL Dear friends, It’s the end of an era. Daniel is retiring from T/Ring for the NOCO group. He has asked me to forward this letter to all who have been receiving these transcripts. Letter to NOCO Distribution List November 16, 2020 From Daniel Raphael, NOCO […]

LLN594- Perseverance, Opportunity & Service

2020-11-12. Perseverance, Opportunity & Service. LightLine #594 Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2020-11-12 Teacher: Monjoronson, Inner Voice, Dr. Mendoza T/R: Mark Rogers Prayer: Divine Parents, we can’t express with words our gratitude at finding you, at approaching you and seeking you and finding you as we do now. We see you represented in your workers, in your associates […]

MGM23- Contemplating Future Possibilities®

2020-11-08. Contemplating Future Possibilities. Monjoronson: We have noticed that there are many eyes on the United States of America after an election that indicates even a deeper divide among its constituents than ever before. What does this mean to you as spiritual beings in this world?  How shall you respond to such a dilemma? It […]

LLN593- Obstacles in Healing®

2020-11-05. Obstacles in Healing. Dr. Mendoza: Good evening to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza. I desire to mingle our energy signatures once again so that we maintain the connection for I have made an offer to be available to you, to assist you with your desires to participate in the healing loop, to be […]