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ABH3- Siraya on Preparation

2010-05-22-Siraya on Preparation

Abundant Hope #3


Topic: Preparation for What is Coming

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Jess Anthony



Is there a message you want to send through me?


Yes, Jess. This is Siraya. I have much to say regarding the course your Universe and your planet Earth are taking at present. This is the time of completion and renewal. Source has decided that this is the moment when ascension begins. The working out of this decision will take the Earth time it takes. Certain parameters have to be in place for the decision to manifest itself fully in your physical reality. This is a place of slow moving vibration, and materialization in your form is not instantaneous. Your thoughts are connected to our thoughts, but the effects of your existence’s movements take your time to achieve.

The phases this shift will go through have been determined and planned to be as supportive of Earth’s inhabitants as possible. Many changes are necessary. Earth must reshape and recreate her physical form to be able to accept the higher frequency of galactic energy that will be surrounding her. Man must match the changes Earth is prepared for. Those unable to adapt to the frequency will leave.

The process is in several stages, as it has been determined. The initial phase at present is to lay the foundation for controlling the phases of change that come in sequence. This involves controlling the resistance from inside. Outward resistance has little effect if the core operators have no regard for restructuring. This is difficult to achieve with little expense of energy. Working in this density is demanding on the bodily resources of the galactic corps which has come to Earth to work directly with the problem areas. You can liken it to working underwater with a diving suit encasing you. You know what is necessary, but your response time is affected by your surroundings.

The preparations at this point have to be quick and decisive because Earth is in the throes of letting go and beginning her rearrangements. Her reactions are not completely predictable, so it is necessary to prepare what you can in advance. The groundwork has to be in place to deal with Earth’s ordeal before it happens. This groundwork is complex and far reaching. It involves having control over governmental decisions and being able to effectively coordinate rescue procedures without outside interference. It also involves securing a means of sustaining support mechanisms through control of supplies and financial systems. The means of commerce must be sustained to an extent, but the value of the system must be clearly known and the means of conducting this commerce must be preserved in a workable fashion.

This list of responsibilities is achieved only through sustained involvement and cooperation. Man must rise above his dire circumstance-and they will most certainly be unimaginable to his present way of thinking-but he must also maintain a sense of balance and detachment from his tendency to be overwhelmed with emotional reactions. Compassion is real and necessary, but mental structure and discipline are even more practical in the face of what is to come.

I say these things with the voice of your Creative Father, the Source of all ideas and directions these ideas take. The Universe of Nebadon is an experiment with a long history of abuse and intentional separation. This duality represented here is finished in terms of its usefulness and validity. The testing ground has been modified. Father Source has determined that Nebadon begins to move into its ascendant phase of light. Earth must be a part of that changeover, and man must be suited to participate with this. The time of delay and indecision is past.


I wish you to post these comments tonight and have readers prepare for what is to come surely and inevitably.

I am Siraya, Voice of the Creator Source of all.

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