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ABH2- Urantia Will Be Corrected by Father

2010-04-19-Urantia Will Be Corrected by Father
Abundant Hope #2


Topic: Urantia Will Be Corrected by Father

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Siraya

TR: Jess Anthony



SIRAYA: Ok, let’s start. I’m speaking to you as the representative of the Creator Source, to use that phrase. My work is as the voice for his ideas in what you call the superuniverse of Orvonton. I am the expression of the Creator’s intent and observations in this configuration of the Trinity. My words are his words, as a rule, although I am capable of voicing my own observations and guidance. I am the conduit for his energy to be expressed in this seventh universal manifestation.

I say all this to you to clarify my position as spokesman, although my gender is more balanced and neutral than your word indicates. I link him to the various Michael’s that have formed universes within this superuniverse. Your Christ Michael Aton, as you call him, is the creator of Nebadon, of which your Earth is a small but very significant part. Your Michael argued the merits of his concept of creation before the hierarchy overseeing the growth of Orvonton, and he was granted permission to proceed. I spoke the words for the Creator Source giving him Divine approval.

Part of this concept was the creation of Earth as a proving ground to train new Michaels. No more descending sons will be created to function as they were envisioned, and your Christ Michael Aton persuaded his overseers to allow him to develop a planet where ascending sons could begin training to assume that role sometime in the distant future. This was to be done by giving them free will to make their own choices in a situation purposefully separated from most divine guidance. This experience, with only a minimal point of contact, would prepare them for any sort of contingency they might face. They would already have solved the problem, in effect, by acting as a co-creator.

The lessons of this experiment have been learned through an existence that has been much more demanding than was ever imagined at the outset. The Lucifer rebellion and the subsequent quarantine took separation and its possibilities to an unprecedented but logical level. Ultimately, being disconnected from God would make you think you were God with the ability to create your own existence. This was an illusion, but it created the upheaval you are aware of. It was allowed to play out its life cycle, however horrendous it may seem. Once it was set in motion, it couldn’t be stopped short of uncreation of the universe it was connected to. It was allowed to wind down to a manageable level of turmoil, although always with the presumption it would be reclaimed and put back on the course it had been destined for.

The worst betrayers of the truth of Christ Michael Aton’s universe have been placed on Earth to work through their sequences of choices in the hope they would return to a life of ascendency. Many others have incarnated with them to be guides and examples, as they too have opted to struggle with the sense of separation from divine truth. This interaction has culminated in the spiritual stalemate that you have been experiencing the last few years. Although fewer have returned than Christ Michael Aton hoped, he has salvaged a large enough percentage to persuade him to rethink the closure that seemed inevitable.

The end is inevitable because of the changing universe that Earth is part of. There is an immense clockwork of galactic interactions that trigger changes and reactions that are all part of the grand design of growth and ascendency that was built into Nebadon’s creation. To continue as part of its universal cog, Earth and its surroundings must change in sync with all the other parts. A natural process of growth and change would have resulted in Earth refashioning itself by geophysical changes and a reversal of polar direction. This would have removed any elements that were blocking the planet’s shift, including anything living or created that was an obstacle to this change.

Typically a planet would refashion itself with no regard for the existence that had developed on its surface. This was the fate that was expected for Earth. The frequency of its natural vibration had slowed to such a low level that it seemed counterproductive for those who had incarnated here to help awaken a spiritual awareness to persuade the misguided inhabitants to change.

Because Earth was Christ Michael Aton’s seventh bestowal planet, and because his incarnation here earned him the right to be truly considered the sovereign of Nebadon and final authority in determining its development, he decided to attempt its ascension without the chaos that normally would ensue. Plans were drawn up to evacuate those who had reconnected with Christ Michael’s vision of what the next phase of the planet’s existence would be.

This plan was reconsidered with the wave of victims and the out swelling of support that that sprung up as a result of the 9/11 attack. For the first time, a sufficient portion of Earth’s mass consciousness was unified and focused with healing compassion on a higher level of spiritual understanding. This unity of awareness convinced Christ Michael Aton that the previous plan for Earth’s ascension could be modified to account for those inhabitants that looked for a higher purpose and resolution. The plan became one of allowing man to ascend on Earth along with the planet. This concept meant a drastic re-thinking of the process to allow man to reach a level of awareness sufficient for his physical incarnation to be able to adapt to the higher frequency of energy that would be necessary to allow Earth to be renewed.

The last ten years have been a series of preparations and disappointments as the entrenched resistance on Earth proved more difficult to deal with than expected. Ultimatums have been ignored and the number of inhabitants waking up has been less than hoped. Earth has graciously held off a little longer to allow man to catch up. This has reached a point in the cosmic synchronization where delay is impossible for Earth and man.

Christ Michael Aton has begun the series of events that will lead to closure of this phase of Earth’s existence. No resistance is forth coming to geophysical changes, and they may occur as they are necessary. Man has chosen either to stay and work for the planet’s ascension, or leave and continue elsewhere. Evidence of this sequence of events is becoming impossible to hide.

Look for the collapse of civilization as you know it and be prepared for upheavals on Earth that are unprecedented in known history. Many will leave and much of the Earth’s surface will be changed. This is the necessary closure that is required to shift the direction and frequency of your existence.

Know that the events you will experience have a universal purpose, and that you who are staying here have chosen to take part in this unique development. You will be guided and supported by your galactic family. You will be protected and relocated when necessary. You will be taught and be made aware of your history. You will see your place and recognize your purpose within the cycle of ascendency you are part of.


This is my explanation and my comfort in these last days. Siraya, Voice of Creator Source in Orvonton

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