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ABH1- The Value of the Dark

2009-05-21-The Value of the Dark
Abundant Hope – ABH#1


Topic: The Value of the Dark

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: A Lighted Source

TR: Shellee-Kim


  • Taken on 21 May 2009


Good morning beloved people. It is a great honour to speak with you this day. There have been many hiccups of late around the timing of ‘events’ beginning on your plane.


We would like to speak with you a little of these delays, so that hope and fortitude might be conveyed to you. It was not foreseen the Dark would put up this level of resistance to the changes they had been forewarned about. This,combined with people turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their activities have resulted in the course of action shortly to manifest.

We see there is no other option for the way things now need to play themselves out. A choice has been made unconsciously by humanity as to how the final hand will by played. It is not one we would have wished for you. However, it is one in which greatly accelerated learning and understanding will transpire. And it is these lessons and subsequent soul growth you are after in the experience of duality. We of these realms are allowing this because we believe it is never too late to awaken and there is much to be gained from the coming experiences for each of you.

The Dark in physical and non-physical embodiment are on a course of annihilation, but this does not stop any of their last-ditch efforts to take the ship down with them. There still remains some belief amongst them that they are able to change the course of events by their actions and their version of ‘power’, but this is not to be. In the meantime, it is business as usual for the majority of you.

We wish to draw your attention now to the many wolves in sheep’s clothing walking amongst you. These one are to be found in every sphere of human activity – from business and politics to those in the helping professions, including those offering spiritually-inclined services.

You see, there are many who consciously walk with the Light, but unconsciously have given over to agreements with the Dark. And so there is a dichotomy at work. Most of these are in complete unawareness of that which walks with them and operates through them. And we have seen this occurring more intensely in recent years.

How and why does this happen when someone is consciously practicing working with Light principles? While there may be a commitment to working with Light consciously, the many other aspects of each human being are at play etherically, in other dimensions and in parallel existences. Remember, ‘you’ are just a small portion of the total ‘you’ that exists. And agreements made without your conscious understanding and permission are entered into by you ones with many who wish not to see the success of your Ascension on earth.

Without the conscious understanding of that which exists etherically, the parts of you that are involved and the constant interaction you are having with other dimensional beings is never brought to the surface of your conscious minds for either recognition or clearing.

The danger here is many on Earth have in this same recent time period experienced psychic occurrences, channeling abilities, spiritual gifts and a multitude of other new healing abilities that have come forth. You, who have experienced this have assumed all of this must be of the Light. However, this is not necessarily so. And we see you ones accepting what comes to you, usually without any questioning as to its source. The mass manipulation of the Dark has seen to this. Humanity’s and many Lightworkers good surface intentions fall by the wayside and to unconscious and subconscious harm when all parts of the Self are not ‘owned’ consciously.

Being multi-dimensional beings and only being able to access a small portion of your entire, huge Selves is part of this dilemma. However, with application of certain techniques you Lightworkers need not be led by the nose ‘down the garden path’ by those who wish to feed parasitically off your Light, ensuring you remain at a denser vibratory rate.

The Dark feast off your own unresolved unforgivenesses, amongst other things. Of Self and others. These emotions act as open doorways that they can easily latch onto within you. Healing and releasing those parts of you means these doorways will no longer exist to tempt them in.

Understanding the vastness of your energy and as and how it interacts with other dimensions and beings is hugely important in your experience of duality on earth. For you are here to heal through synthesising all these many hidden aspects of your Self.

One of the ways in which fragmenting/giving power away can be noticed is through the ‘sudden’ onset of such ailments as mental disorders, where feelings of vulnerability and dysfunction threaten to overtake a once reasonably-stable existence. Instead of using this as a clue to understanding what may be occurring with other dimensional entities, many of you prefer to numb your minds and psychic centres so you feel no more ‘negative’ e-motion (energy in motion).

Such an action works well in the favour of the Dark for they can continue parasitically leeching off your energy field without you suspecting much at all – with your attention diverted to and bound within the symptoms of your illness.

Another tell-tale sign of having unconsciously invited the Dark in is the subtle encouragement of divorcing yourself from your feelings. Anyone who tells you your feelings – be they ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ as per your value judgements of such on earth -are of no significance and to let them go (ie suppress them) is telling you a bald-faced lie. And is certainly not aiding your soul progress in any way, but rather aiding you in retarding it. Of course, you have allowed this by trusting that person and choosing to give your power to them in the first instance.

Beloveds, it is through the very act of feeling your feelings as often as possible that you allow for a recognition, an acceptance and a subsequent healing of some of these divisions within to occur. It is also through feeling your feelings that we are able to reach you and assist you more easily.

Denying yourselves of acknowledging your pain is doing yourselves a great soul disservice. And so the Dark use ones themselves that have not healed of their own traumas, but rather stuffed them out of sight (and out of mind?). It is often at the time of, or shortly after great traumas have occurred in these ones’ lives that they find themselves in possession of these new ‘gifts’. The Dark are well-versed at striking at exactly the most vulnerable moments, and in so doing fool the recipient into a false sense of healing also.

Difficult as it is in duality to know what lies beneath the conscious mind, we urge you to use your discernment at all times. Be aware of who is asking you to ‘let your emotions go’ and why, who is telling you that hope and faith are all that are needed to survive the coming times, and who amongst you talk of using passive techniques such as meditation and ‘being positive’ alone to grow.

While meditation is excellent in moderation, as with all things, we would rather you chose to explore the very parts of you that frighten you most and that make you feel the very emotions that you would rather run from.

It is this acknowledgement of the uncomfortable emotions that show your Higher Self and your guides you are willing to grow yourself to the next level. I repeat: there can be no growth for those who deny ‘bad’ feelings. Life in the polarity of living in Earth’s duality is about embracing all parts of you to bring about true balance. Not to split off further parts of your psychic and emotional bodies by denying their existence and inadvertently inviting the Dark in.

It is in embracing and integrating the Dark parts of you that an energetic shift into greater balance within occurs, resulting in more peace and an increase in your Light quotient/further activated DNA.

SK’s Note

The ‘Dark’ refers to both negative and lower thought forms/destructive patterns within us, in addition to actual external energies/entities.

(A related note from one of my blogs)

It seems some folk weren’t clear on what constitutes my reference to the ‘Dark’ in Part 1. These are not necessarily etheric vampires alone. To clarify: Both off-world (embodied and etheric) and on-world beings who walk with Dark intent includes those who wish to consciously or unconsciously ‘steal’ from your energetic field, keep you/your emotional bodies in a state of chaos and in general continue to keep you separated from your Higher Self through fear, doubt and continued feelings of unworthiness. Living in these vibrations where the separation between you and your authentic power is assured then means they get opportunities to manipulate and potentially control you and the world for that much longer. Many Lightworkers believe they are somehow immune to this. Why? As it is negative thought forms we all carry that assist in helping keep destructive patterns locked in place within us. It is in the Dark’s interest to maintain this; their very survival is at stake. Hence the importance of their human earth minions continuing to persuade us to disown parts of ourselves and thus remain in a state of non-alignment with our true Selves.

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