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NWB24- Early Teaching Mission Session 24

1992-12-19- Early Teaching Mission Session 24
Sarasota #24


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana, Welmek, Lor-El – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 24
December 19, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 19, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, This evening I will try to be quiet and still my mind. If you have any messages for me or our group, I am open and willing.

UNSEEN HELPER:  As you come to us in the stillness, you will learn much. We do not wish for you to inhibit you from seeking and stretching your mind. It is from your active thoughts that we are able to work with you to help you better discover and understand the seeds that we have strewn along your path. As you pick these up and examine them, we are able to help them grow in the garden of your mind.

Allene: I am very willing and anxious to do all I can to help in all that is to come about. In the car this evening with Patije, it occurred to me that we really need a newsletter to share amongst those interested in the teaching process here. Would this not be the next step to take?

We can continue with our classes, groups and seminars, but with a newsletter we could reach so many more people and share what we know and are discovering about this process. It would be so easy to do. Patije mentioned the cost, but this could be handled by a subscription rate to cover the cost. Am I right in thinking that we should form a corporation as an umbrella for all these activities? I know we are not to bring all our questions to you, but I would like to know if this is something we should be doing or is there something else at this time that would help you more that we should be concentrating on at this time? Do you have any guidance for me on this?

WELMEK:  My, you are a serious one. This would be an excellent vehicle at this time. You are so impatient to get things organized and moving forward. It those like yourselves who are so willing and dedicated that will be of much assistance to us in the days ahead. You see a real need here after talking with Then, as it will be a little time yet before a central clearing house is set up for all the transmissions and even then there will be so much to read that not many will be able to read them all.

As you know, there is much repetition. It would be good to have much of this condensed, hitting the highlights and sharing the information from each group in a nutshell. Isn’t that how you say it?

Allene: Yes.

WELMEK:  You and Patije have learned much in discernment and would be good in this work. We will assist you in this process. This idea excites me and I give you my assurance that you will have my help on this.

Allene: Each group could send us the highlights of their meetings in a timely fashion and/or give us permission to use anything we receive in the way of transmissions from them.

WELMEK:  Yes, this could be arranged.

Allene: Should this be a monthly newsletter? Seems now with all that is on the forefront, a weekly letter might be more helpful to you now. I don’t know how feasible this is at the moment, but we could sure give it a try.

WELMEK:  Once you set this in motion, those who are willing will help send you information on a timely basis for they will want to participate in this vehicle. The more frequent the mailing, the more helpful and current it will be.

Allene: We could start out with a newsletter of our information and send it to all the groups. If anyone would like to subscribe, they may for a cost of $50.00 a year. In it we could share what information we receive and our experiences. We could request information, ideas and questions from all the readers. This would rapidly grow, or so it seems to me. There is really nothing to do, but to do it.
Surely, I answered my own question. We do need tax exempt corporation to handle the expenses and monies involved.

WELMEK: Yes, it seems you did.

Allene: Well, as soon as I have the funds to do this, I will get started. In the meantime, we can put the idea into form and prepare for this work.

WELMEK: This will happen more quickly than you think.

Allene: Thank you Welmek. Alfana, I sensed that you turned these questions over to Welmek. Is this correct?

ALFANA: Yes, this is correct. It is good that you work with him on this. As always, we will be here to assist you.

LOR-EL: This is Lor-El. I have stepped in here as you are sometimes hesitant in picking up what Alfana has to say to you as the communication is not always so clear and direct. You are a joy for us to work with. Your willingness and enthusiasm to move forward causes you to do just that and sometimes the swiftness takes us by surprise. We have seen that most mortals need time to deliberate over all moves. You seem to be able to pick up the ideas and move as you are led with a wonderful freedom to act. This really endears you to all of us. How much more man could accomplish if he could develop this ability of yours. How can we go about teaching this?

Allene: I am not sure if this is a question. Since you stopped speaking, I tell you that I do not know. I suppose it has much to do with trust in the grand scheme of the universe and experience in seeing that all works towards purpose. As you say, all mistakes can be corrected. All one can do is fail and that is a great deal preferable to not trying. I think my Thought Adjuster and all those that have been guiding me and teaching me through the years must take credit for this. Perhaps, you should address that question with them not me.

It also helps to stop judging one’s self and defining one’s self by what one does, but by what one is. This is a huge step in getting beyond ego to the true self. Some of you helped me to see this lesson sometime ago. It does give one a much better sense of freedom.

LOR-EL: You have learned much. As you share this, you will help others to find their way. Your Creator did not plan that you would put yourself in the shackles that so many of you have placed yourselves in. This is your humanness that we find so prevalent on your planet. Life was not meant to be so difficult. It was meant to flow with a freedom and grace of movement.

This rigidity that we find here must be removed. It keeps one locked in patterns that are old, outworn and no longer useful. Each day is a new fresh day in the adventure of life. When you carry the burdens and shackles of yesterday with you, you limit the fruits of the day that are in front of you. You do not even see the wonderful opportunities that are ever presenting themselves to you for your old ideas have blocked your way.

You must learn to tear down these blocks and see life through the eyes of a child – with wonder and assurance that all is well. He knows his needs will be met. Your Father knows your needs before you do. You on Urantia have heard this many times. When are you going to believe it? Can you believe this and believe that He will know of your needs and refuse to help you with these needs? What Father would do this to his child. When you open yourself to knowing and trusting that He loves you and is there to help you, you, too, will feel the wonder and assurance of a child.

You, too, will come to know that no matter what happens, all is well. As you come to know this, you will learn to love your brothers and sisters better and find not only more tolerance, but genuine acceptance of what they are about, for you will know that no matter how things appear – all is well. This will, also, teach you patience with all around you and yourself.

Life on Urantia is not easy for most, but as you come to know the love that is ever coming to you from the Father, your time here will become one of joy and the burdens you carry will fall from your shoulders leaving you with a light heart on this part of your journey. You were meant to enjoy it, not to trudge and force your way through it. It is most often the case that from your ignorance, you create your own burdens and shackles.

We are here to show you the way to a better way. We cannot help you, if you will not hear us and turn aside. You who have remained faithful and willing are now seeing the fruits of your faith and willingness. There will be more to come in the days ahead. Your faith and willingness will be rewarded beyond what you could now imagine. When you look back there will be much joy for the choices you are making now. We can only encourage you. We cannot decide for you.

Allene: Lor-El, Do you have any personal message for me tonight about ways I may be of more service at this time?

LOR-EL: Take time not to neglect yourself. You are doing much. You are paying attention to the way you are being led. We are pleased with your progress. You will have time to do more. Pay more attention to your needs and you stay more balanced. This will help much as you go about your work. It is not selfish and we are aware of the necessities of daily life. These must be attended to and not pushed aside. You are being given much assistance now, but it is your responsibility to look out for your needs. Have I made myself clear?

Allene: Yes, quite clear. I thank you for all you have shared with me tonight. You have helped me very much.

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