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ABH7- Action Is Yet To Begin

2013-03-21-Action Is Yet To Begin

Abundant Hope #7


Topic: Action is Yet to Begin

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Shellee-Kim


  • Taken on 6 March 2013


MONJORONSON:  Are you ready for me, beloved? We had a commitment and I have a message to deliver through you.


It is with great pleasure that those of you who have made it through are now on the receiving end of many hearty congratulations by the celestials, your friends in invisible realms and those who dwell on starships. Of course, the action hasn’t really started yet.

But those of you who have made it through at this point are indeed to be congratulated on a job well done. You are the forerunners and the ones upon whom great responsibility will rest in the upcoming days of your time.

There are to be many new and unusual events now that will be very evident for all to see – of both a natural and a man made type. How many amongst you can say, at this stage, that you know what is about to occur with certainty? We would say exactly none! And therefore you can and must expect to be surprised.

We have promised much over the years and little, if anything, has manifested in your realm that is obvious and blatant due to extremely heavy constraints and restraints that are placed on you ones and what you are allowed to receive by your soon-to-be ex planetary controllers.

Nonetheless, the time is now. There will be no more dilly-dallying. It is ‘game over’ no matter how much ruling parties try to stall further for time or continue to believe that they are immune to what is about to hit them in no uncertain terms.

Too much time has passed in the interim. With many opportunities being given to these ones to make a shift in their stance. However, they have stood firm in their beliefs, or as this one calls it their ‘be-lie-fs’, and are now to face the consequences of those choices. As are all else on the planet at this time. So be it. It is indeed ‘game over’.

Now you are all to get into your respective places and ready yourselves to receive further instructions. For you are all about to get busy very quickly.

SK: (A long pause) Is there more Monjo?

MONJORONSON: Oh, there is more. We shall move onto another matter of great importance. There are many amongst you who are being very closely watched.

SK: You mean like the TruWoman or the Truman Show? (SK: This is a long-standing personal joke of mine. When I’m aware my every word and action is under galactic surveillance in a situation I say to Self ‘There they go again, tuning into the TruWoman Show’).

MONJORONSON: Well, yes, something like that.

SK: Are we being watched by you?

MONJORONSON: Well, yes, those who are able to monitor you are. There is a purpose in this always. It is not to invade your privacy and personal space. But to make sure you are kept safe and to watch your general abilities in the world and your dealings with people around you in your daily encounters.

There are those amongst you who have been put through rigorous tests in recent times. This is both a test of discernment as much as for your abilities to respond in terms of the best outcome for all involved.

This is a rather delicate scenario as it requires one to constantly be listening to your Higher Self. To constantly be going within while you are still existing in the world without. Very important for when you will be dealing with groups of people vying for your attention – all wishing, wanting and needing different things of you. And so you would experience then a diffusing of your energy.

However, if you remain constantly connected to the core of your source and you defer to it in those moments of doubt, confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed, you cannot go far wrong. In fact, then you will be responding in the highest possible way and with the highest and best outcome of all at heart and in mind.

[? A further short comment here from M I couldn’t clearly hear on audio]

Many now are to begin leaving the planet in great numbers and those loved one left behind will be traumatized, as a result. The skills that serve the bereaved are now fully needed. There is much to be said for any of you reading this to step forward and serve these ones by comforting them in their time of need.

Let us remember at this time what our commitment for this lifetime was and now rise to the challenges that come before us. And let us remember how it was that we chose to be here for others and the planet in service to all. It is the time of the return of memories of who you truly are so there can be no mistaking, therefore, of what it is you came here to do.


MONJORONSON:  Peace be upon you all and dwell within the spirit of the One Heart. Let that be your safety and security as you go forward into these tumultuous times.

I AM – Monjoronson.

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