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ABH8- Remaining Anchored in Your Core

2013-05-03-Remaining Anchored in Your Core

Abundant Hope #8



Topic: Remaining Anchored

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Shellee-Kim




Come to you this evening through this one who receives me most graciously. It is time now, my friends and dearly beloved ones. You are now to know the reasons behind all that has occurred.

It is with great pleasure and honour that we now bring to you the start of the many events to burst forth into your world. Amongst them will be your pre-ordained roles being made known to you, the reunion with your many galactic friends and family members and an intensive (re)education/training period for you on ship and on the ground for you wayshowers.

It is with great love and merciful compassion that those fumbling in the dark will have a swift removal to the places of their individual choosing. Recourse for the remainder of you will be also in accordance with the ‘sorting hats’ of your own choices.

In the days to come much will be said publicly about many of you who are part of AH and those outside of it and on the ground who are yet to join with you. There will be talk about who you ones are, you will be put to the test publicly and some will attempt ploys at ‘catching you out’. You will NOT rise to the bait of any of these superficial attempts of others to rile you or shake you loose from your centre. But instead hold true to your course, guided always from within.

There will even be some who may put you under surveillance in a bid to prove your ‘fakery’ to the general population. It will be wise to show these ones compassion, while simultaneously letting them know quite plainly that you will not tolerate a single of their antics. And clearly marking your boundaries, while remaining open of heart. This has been said before and serves as a reminder.

These will be desperate times for some amongst your people, who will find themselves in a conundrum within. Particularly those of certain religious persuasions that will hold even tighter to their conditioned religious ideologies. Listen to your hearts as to what should go said or unsaid, be done or left undone. And this rule should apply to all you interact with and in all circumstances and situations. Know that, as you have already heard, your every endeavour will be fully supported in ways imaginable and unimaginable in this immediate moment.

There are a few who are to be brought up to ship to receive some additional instructions and training. And by this we mean in your fully conscious state as you know yourselves to be. We do not mean here in the etheric, as this one is querying mentally.

But first let us take the initial step forward in breaking new ground as the dimensions merge, the veil lifts and dissolves and where you are to finally perceive and know us in physical form.


Selah. Let it be NOW. In the name of the Father’s unfolding will on earth. I AM Monjoronson

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