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ABH9- Current Energies

2013-05-13-Current Energies

Abundant Hope #9


Topic: Current Energies

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Shellee-Kim



MONJORONSON: It is I, Monjoronson, indeed it is. And thank you for sticking to this arrangement. Shall we begin?

SK: Certainly.

MONJORONSON:  This is a message to my ones of the Light.


You are each embraced with layer upon layer of Love that is beamed to you now from all manner of beings and places in service to the earth and her people who would receive this. It is for you ones to know and be open to receiving this gift and how best to utilise this within, on receipt.

There is much energetic interference on your planet at present, producing jangled airwaves, so to speak. And the gifting above, amongst others, is seen as a counteractive measure against those taken by the Dark against you.

You are not to go into fear of this and what it is producing, but rather identify the problems and issues within that have resulted, and then set about finding workable solutions in order to remain grounded and anchored.

There is a full blown attack currently underway on your general populations as the Dark ones go all out in defence of their very existence. Here we talk of both those on and off planet. Yet wherever they are, the full brunt of the effects are taking their toll. And this is their aim. Total and complete annihilation of the human race, now that they know their attempts for world control are failing.[SK: Many of them know, but are still in denial]. But they will not win. Although they believe their ‘technology’ to be superior, having worked well for them in the past.

However, these times are different ones; game-changing ones. And the rise in planetary frequencies has caused much flurry amongst them, with many of their plans belly-flopping before they’ve even had a chance to execute them. At the level of mind and in the human psyche, they are attempting last-ditch efforts to bring the vibration of the planet back down. Which, of course, will never happen. So between the onslaught of their attempts to break you by breaking your minds (collectively and individually) and the effects of the planetary bodies and the Wave, you are all having quite a ride of it.

Hence our counteractive measures in beaming increasing amounts of Light encoded information and Love. Which will increase in direct proportion to the above Dark-motivated attempts.

We are all but done now. A final few components that need to be properly slotted into the picture and all is then ready for a grand and dramatic start. Yes, it has been a very long time coming. But you will see -once you know and understand properly what it is that has occurred – that the ever shifting plan reached its perfect outcome.

And so what you have perceived as a long delay, we prefer to see as extra time given to iron out further crinkles. And who amongst you can say that the period of extra preparation for clarity within, for the separation of the wheat from the chaff and for further personal lessons brought to bear by the Wave have not been to your benefit? We don’t believe we’ll hear from any protestors when you witness the outcome of the plan *big smile*.


This is all for today. With grateful thanks to this one who is most generously giving of her time for such commitments.

I AM Monjoronson come forth this day.

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