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ABH10- End of an Era

2013-06-10-End of an Era

Abundant Hope #10


Topic: End of an Era

Group: Abundant Hope


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Shellee-Kim



Good evening beloved ones of all Earth. Tonight there are things to be said.


Let us get to where we currently stand. At this juncture it is all-on-out war. And not in the way you’ve even known or seen it on your Earth. These Dark Ones have had quite a run for their money. But all good things come to an end, as the saying on your Earth goes.

They are now to know an equal measure by way of a taste of their own medicine, these Dark Ones. An Eye For An Eye- THIS is the language they speak and that they understand. And that they, in fact, have been willing upon themselves. And so they now receive the wish of their dreams…or perhaps that should be their nightmares.

As all is moved to centre stage now for the Grand Finale, it will be evident for the world to see how badly they have been duped…in the extreme.There will be none so foolish as those who cannot and will not see these soon-to-be glaringly obvious deceptions exposed. But fools there still shall continue to be. Even in the face of the obvious.

You ones (that will and can see) will be having quite a party. A celebration of the final breakdown and eradication of the sources of poison that your world has been choking on for far too long. A way of life – or rather of existence – now comes to a complete halt. And this long-awaited moment will be grandly celebrated.

We will move on to the matter of your life choices here. You are to know in no uncertain terms what you have been doing here all this time; the roles you have been playing and why; what has motivated your lives and has driven you onward and upward on this path you have chosen. You are to see and know fully the forces that govern all. LET IT BE!

Courageous people of earth: I and all in the Celestial realms and the Spiritual Hierarchy salute you this day. Your work has been difficult in the extreme – your assignments cryptic and your load most burdensome. And of course most of you have been doing much of this at the superconscious level of your being. Yet you have remained in trust of the process and without faltering, in the main. And this is highly commendable. All is as it should be and the best is left for last. So now the moment of moments arrives. The truth-telling times. The times of joy for some and great sorrow for others. That time when revelations come thick and fast. Your people are being prepared at a level of mass consciousness now. When these revelations pierce through to manifest in your realm, all hell breaks loose. You will be prepared to give… and the others will be ready to receive of your gifts.

There is no time like the present, they say. And far be it for us to say what the choices of those on a free will planet like yours should be. This is what you are all doing on your beauteous Earth…exercising this right. For better or for worse. However, it is deemed intolerable that the few control the many and this is intervention time. And the time when the fruits of your action/inaction are to be made known to yourselves and to the world.


SO BE IT!  IT IS TIME.  My children will suffer no more for there is work to be done.  I come to you this day to speak these words in the Light of what is to come.   I AM MONJORONSON

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