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ATL259- Coming Events – Part 1

2011-05-16-Coming Events – Part 1
At Large #259


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Coming Events
o 1.2 Group: At Large
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Siraya
o 2.2 TR: Paul Conklin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Catastrophism
 3.1.2 Ascension
 3.1.3 Urantia
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Coming Events
Group: At Large
Teacher: Michael, Siraya
TR: Paul Conklin


MICHAEL:  My dear son it is a pleasure to speak with you once again. There is a matter of some import. I am downplaying this message somewhat because I do not want any of you to give in to fear. You always remember children that there is nothing on this world that can do you permanent harm. It matters not if mountains crumble into the sea. This is simply the first stage in the ascension process. Because you all live on a dynamic, living planet, these things are to be expected.

For many years now we of your celestial family have been preparing you for the events that lie just ahead. When we were first alerting you to these events we did have some time before these events would break forth. We do not have that much time left my children. No, this is not the end of the world as some persons will claim when these events occur. This is a necessary part of being on an evolutionary world. Just its name is enough to help all of you to understand that evolution means change. Sometimes that change lumbers along very slowly and sometimes those changes can occur with lightning speed. It all depends on the circumstances my children.

We cannot tell you exactly what will occur. Since you are all a part of the human family you also must experience this shocking event. Even having advance warning you will still be shocked. But at least you shall have been forewarned. When you see these shocking events occurring you will know what to do. This is what we have been preparing you for. Those of you that are on the front lines, so to speak. Those of you that have volunteered to be a part of this mission it is time to earn your pay, I say, with tongue in cheek. You will be called upon to comfort your brethren in some way. The specifics of that comfort is what we will help you with when that time arrives.

You are all going to be called upon during this time of service. For now is the time to give from your very hearts. This event will help so many to see that they are not separate. So many of you are living in your little cocoons, your little caves. This event will help you to come out from hiding and to assist your brethren. You are all one. You are all a family of man. Can’t you see that my children? In times past when disasters struck so many of you answered the call. It is at times like these when your true self emerges. This is when your true self can be seen by the world.

In the annals of Urantia’s history this event will always be remembered. This event will be remembered because of the heroics of so many. You my children, will be found on the lips of the angels as they sing about your exploits. Your exploits will become legendary, your courage awe inspiring. You did not think that you had it in you. But I can assure you my children that you do have it in you. There are so many things that you will be able to do. Even you will be amazed at your own exploits. You will laugh because you did not believe in yourselves. This is where your soul growth hits a crescendo. This is where your soul growth hits the heights. You will grow so much at that time children. I will be so proud of you as I am so proud of you even now. I leave you in my peace children as I acquiesce to Master Spirit Number One, Siraya.


SIRAYA:   Dear children of Urantia, fear not, for I am here with you. I am the voice of the Father crying out. There are some events that will soon break out upon your world. One event will soon break out. I cannot tell you Urantian children what will occur for it must be a surprise for you, just as it will be a surprise for all of your brethren. This is a part of the cleansing process children. It may seem to all of you that this is unnecessarily cruel, but it is not. This shaking up will allow for a more orderly ascension process. This is what you all have been missing out on. You have been missing out on a program of training that starts on the evolutionary spheres. This event and the events that will follow will shake everyone out of their doldrums. If anyone has been sleeping prior to this event they shall sleep no longer. The whole world will now wake up and take notice. They will know that something significant is taking place. “Something like this has never taken place before,” they will say. Yes, this event will be shocking. This event will cause some to think that the Eternal Father is bringing this earth to its end. No, my children, not so. Those of you in the know can reassure your brethren at that time. Those of you in the know can comfort those that have lost loved ones.

There is a storm about to break out on Urantia, but this storm shall have cleansing as its end point. Have you ever seen the aftermath of a storm? There is debris surely. There is loss of life. Many come to mourn those that have gone. My dear children of Urantia mourn not for these ones. These ones that pass away are safe in the Father’s loving arms. They have all gone on to the mansion worlds and all the glories thereof. You the ones that have been left behind will need the strength of the Eternal One. The Eternal One gives you strength beyond what is normal. He loves you so much my children. He sees your suffering. He sees your tears. He wants you to move past all of that. He wants you to glory in what is in the offing. The Father has so much in store for you my children.

You who have stuck by the Father through thick and thin. There was nothing that could pull you away. You cared not about your position in life. You cared not about your finances. You were content to have sustenance and covering. The Father on high saw these acts of loyalty and love. None of these things escaped his notice my children. After the storm there is always a cleansing. You will be cleansed my children, you shall be cleansed. You shall rise up and start over again. You will go forth with the courage of the ages. Nothing will get in your way. Nothing will stop you. Nothing will stop you because you have the backing of the most powerful person in the universe. His love is like the elixir that you all need. Oh, children of Urantia do you feel it coming? Do you feel the love of the Father traveling at light speed towards your positions in space?


Rejoice, children of Urantia! The long night of darkness is ending and the glorious dawn arises! The glorious dawn of the Father’s love will be your light. Go forth on this new and upcoming day! Weep no more! Weep no more, for now is the time for joyfulness. I see the earth before me. It gleams like a jewel in space. The children of Urantia have polished that gem and now it shines throughout the cosmos. The children of Urantia arise from off their knees and go forth to make this sphere the garden spot of the Paradise Father. This sphere shall become the temple of the living God. An entire sphere devoted to the will of the Paradise Father. Let grace enter into your hearts. Let peace and mercy enter into your hearts. Let forgiveness enter into your hearts. Let the love of the Eternal One enter into your hearts. Weep not, weep not dear children of Urantia, for the Father in Paradise has heard your cries and He responds. You are the lost sheep that He searched for. When He found you all He hoisted you upon His shoulders. Will anyone wrest the sheep from His grasp? Impossible, impossible! Impossible for the Paradise Father reclaims this sphere and His precious children. And when that One reclaims His children all will be well with the universe again. Weep tears of joy for the endless night is passing and the dawn arises. Praise be to the Father on high! Praise be to His children for they have been found and shall nevermore be lost ever again!


SIRAYA:   Oh children of Urantia your time has come, your time has come. The darkest night gives way to the glory of the Eternal Father. When the storms come upon your precious sphere, fear not. Fear not! Fear not for you shall ever rest peacefully in the Father’s loving embrace. Rise up, rise up and be on your way. Transform this sphere through your heroic acts of love and mercy. And after the storms have ended you will breathe the refreshing air of a cleansed earth. Peace shall ever reign, ever reign. Go and make it so Urantian children. I am the voice of my beloved Father crying out, fear not my children, fear not, for the night is well along and the morn is nigh. A new day when the Father on high shall reign in all of the hearts of His Urantian children.

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